Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Living in biospheres on the turtle's back

The turtle symbolizes the vision for the Wildlands Project

Agenda 21 and its undeclared treaty requirements to convert most of the world into roadless wilderness populated only by animals is coming to a culmination at this time in North America in power plays and land grabs that are brutal and difficult to believe. 

Sheriff Mack gripes about Bundy ranch raid

Desert tortoise the object of BLM raid on centenary cattle ranch
Reached by phone at Gilbert, Arizona, Sheriff Richard Mack lambasted Nevada Governor Sandoval and Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie, calling their lack of action against federal authorities 'asinine.'

Monday, April 14, 2014

GOP candidate favors Vermont's open carry handgun law

Cleburne - Dewayne Burns has solid conservative values as an ex-employee of Rick Perry's Department of Agriculture and a legislative analyst for Rep. Arlene Wohlgemuth of Burleson. He's looking to put six guns back on the hips of Texans who feel like carrying them openly, and says he's ready to form a coalition with like-minded GOP solons, if elected Representative of District 58, which stretches from Burleson's Cowtown bedroom suburbs to Lake Whitney and Vallley Mills in Bosque County…Click here http://radiolegendary.com/2014/04/gop-candidate-favors-vermonts-open-carry-law/

Tennessee just says 'no' to UN observers

It may be one of the shortest laws ever enacted - at least by a state legislature. HB 2410 prohibits any UN election observer from monitoring any Tennessee election without a treaty ratified by the U.S. Senate. Both houses passed the law and the Governor signed it - and it's now the law of the land in Tennessee that not only will voters be required to show photo ID in order to cast their ballots, they will also be free from interference by any international tribunal… Click here to learn more http://radiolegendary.com/2014/04/tn-just-says-no-to-un/

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Armed militia stops federal cattle raid in Nevada

Mesquite, Nevada - Militiamen armed with AR-15-style assault rifles stopped federal officials bent on confiscating a herd of 1,000 cattle as the Clark County, Nevada, Sheriff negotiated a temporary settlement to a $1.1 million grazing rights dispute between a free range rancher and the Bureau of Land Management…Click here to read more

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

We've moved to a new URL-RadioLegendary.com

After more than 5 years and a half-million page views…
You can catch The Legendary at RadioLegendary.com, 
a WordPress site that will feature audio reports, more video and graphic presentations.

Mark this location to visit our archives of more than 3,000 articles - www.downdirtyword.blogspot.com

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Monday, December 30, 2013

Sheriff's cousin hooked up with one-man crime wave

Attractive Irish girl is true to her man
Caitlin McNamara and Michael Joseph Alvarado
Location of the reported kidnapping