Saturday, November 30, 2013

Skip tracer nails two fugitives in less than 30 minutes

Facebook a gold mine of info for bond agents
VINELink is only one of the free databases skip tracers use to track down absconders

Professional skip tracers use free links to on-line databases such as Vine Link, White Pages,  and Call Owl.

Thomson-Reuters provides a paid service that furnishes credit reports, names of close relatives and friends, addresses for the past 10 years, criminal history, judgements. will furnish information such as license plate numbers for as little as .25 per record.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Deadly parallels in outlawry, conflict

Yesterday's Tragedy

Tombstone Daily Epitaph - October 27, 1881

Three Men Hurled Into Eternity in the Duration of a Moment

Stormy as were the early days of Tombstone nothing ever occurred equal to the event of yesterday...

The active part of the Earps in going after stage robbers, beginning with the one last spring where Budd Philpot lost his life, and the more recent one near Contention, has made them exceedingly obnoxious to the bad element of this county and put their lives in jeopardy every month...

The Marshal walked up to him, grabbed the rifle and hit him a blow on the head at the same time, stunning him so that he was able to disarm him without further trouble. He marched Clanton off to the police court where he entered a complaint against him for carrying deadly weapons, and the court fined Clanton $25 and costs, making $27.50 altogether. This occurrence must have been about 1 o'clock in the afternoon...

Sometime Tuesday Ike Clanton came into town and during the evening had some little talk with Doc Holliday and Marshal Earp but nothing to cause either to suspect, further than their general knowledge of the man and the threats that had previously been conveyed to the Marshal, that the gang intended to clean out the Earps, that he was thirsting for blood at this time with one exception and that was that Clanton told the Marshal, in answer to a question, that the McLowrys were in Sonora. Shortly after this occurrence someone came to the Marshal and told him that the McLowrys had been seen a short time before just below town. Marshal Earp, now knowing what might happen and feeling his responsibility for the peace and order of the city, stayed on duty all night and added to the police force his brother Morgan and Holliday. The night passed without any disturbance whatever and at sunrise he went home to rest and sleep. A short time afterwards one of his brothers came to his house and told him that Clanton was hunting him with threats of shooting him on sight. He discredited the report and did not get out of bed. It was not long before another of his brothers came down, and told him the same thing, whereupon he got up, dressed and went with his brother Morgan uptown. They walked up Allen Street to Fifth, crossed over to Fremont and down to Fourth, where, upon turning up Fourth toward Allen, they came upon Clanton with a Winchester rifle in his hand and a revolver on his hip. The Marshal walked up to him, grabbed the rifle and hit him a blow on the head at the same time, stunning him so that he was able to disarm him without further trouble. He marched Clanton off to the police court where he entered a complaint against him for carrying deadly weapons, and the court fined Clanton $25 and costs, making $27.50 altogether. This occurrence must have been about 1 o'clock in the afternoon.

The After-Occurrence
Close upon the heels of this came the finale, which is best told in the words of R.F. Coleman who was an eye-witness from the beginning to the end. Mr. Coleman says: I was in the O.K. Corral at 2:30 p.m., when I saw the two Clantons and the two McLowrys in an earnest conversation across the street in Dunbar's corral. I went up the street and notified Sheriff Behan and told him it was my opinion they meant trouble, and it was his duty, as sheriff, to go and disarm them. I told him they had gone to the West End Corral. I then went and saw Marshal Virgil Earp and notified him to the same effect. I then met Billy Allen and we walked through the O.K. Corral, about fifty yards behind the sheriff. On reaching Fremont street I saw Virgil Earp, Wyatt Earp, Morgan Earp and Doc Holliday, in the center of the street, all armed. I had reached Bauer's meat market. Johnny Behan had just left the cowboys, after having a conversation with them. I went along to Fly's photograph gallery, when I heard Virg Earp say, "Give up your arms or throw up your arms." There was some reply made by Frank McLowry, when firing became general, over thirty shots being fired. Tom McLowry fell first, but raised and fired again before he died. Bill Clanton fell next, and raised to fire again when Mr. Fly took his revolver from him. Frank McLowry ran a few rods and fell. Morgan Earp was shot through and fell. Doc Holliday was hit in the left hip but kept on firing. Virgil Earp was hit in the third or fourth fire, in the leg which staggered him but he kept up his effective work. Wyatt Earp stood up and fired in rapid succession, as cool as a cucumber, and was not hit. Doc Holliday was as calm as though at target practice and fired rapidly. After the firing was over, Sheriff Behan went up to Wyatt Earp and said, "I'll have to arrest you." Wyatt replied: "I won't be arrested today. I am right here and am not going away. You have deceived me. You told me these men were disarmed; I went to disarm them."
...Marshal Earp says that he and his party met the Clantons and the McLowrys in the alleyway by the McDonald place; he called to them to throw up their hands, that he had come to disarm them. Instantaneously Bill Clanton and one of the McLowrys fired, and then it became general...

by John Philip Clum – publisher, "The Epitaph" – the federal agent who captured Geronimo

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

With the patience of ornithologists, critical thinkers view Boston Marathon depictions, videos in doubt, disbelief

Where is the blood from the severed artery?
"Not a single person shown bleeding from the ears...Real explosions, when experienced in close proximity, burst eardrums. Hell, even firearms can burst eardrums--and that's just propellant burning, not an explosion.

"Not a single report of someone dying, or even being injured, from the concussive shockwave of the explosion--YET, there was enough of a shockwave to shatter glass across the street.

"Not a single report of traumatic brain injury, or even concussion, from the shockwave--yet, those are things we see everyday when soldiers/sailors/airmen/marines are attacked with IEDs in Afghanistan." - Nathan Merrell, OCT member, Texas militiaman

Monday, November 25, 2013

Defiant New York Sheriff refuses to enforce SAFE Act

Buffalo, NY – Erie County Sheriff Tim Howard insists that he will not follow a new state law requiring confiscation of prohibited AR-15-style magazines and weapons.

Governor Andrew Cuomo told Sheriffs last month at a conference to keep their mouths shut about opposition to the new law, but Sheriff Howard is having none of it. He told newsmen that he thinks it would be a waste of resources to have his deputies confiscate the weapons.

There are plenty of laws on the books that allow for lawmen to take weapons away from mentally unstable individuals or those who have barricaded themselves.

He says it's just another sign the government is not listening to the people, “and we are the government...”

Many seasoned observers consider the Sheriff's opposition a sign of one form of nullification of constitutionally unpalatable laws, when law enforcement officials refuse to enforce them.

Other possible remedies are to be found in litigation; in legislative action; or in jury nullification when those who have been charged with offenses come to trial. Veniremen may be educated in advance as to their rights and behave in ways that prevent the federal or state governments from being able to empanel a jury, thus nullifying the prosecution.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

The video the Temple PD doesn't want you to see...

By M/Sgt. C.J. Grisham

On November 19, 2013, a jury found me "guilty" of "interference with public duties," a class B misdemeanor. 

This verdict came after a highly biased judge refused to allow evidence into record that my arresting officer, Steve Ermis, had lied to his supervisor Sergeant Thomas Menix, lied on his police reports, and lied during the first trial that ended in a hung jury. All of these lies are either on sworn affidavits or in sworn testimony in trial. 

Yet, no one is holding these officers accountable. In spite of my conviction - which I am appealing - police officers should be held to a standard of integrity that is above reproach. 

When you have the power to throw people in jail, take their money, and seize their property it is incumbent on government to ensure these individuals live to a higher standard. It is especially important when the Temple Police Department had adopted the motto, ""Integrity, Honor, and Dedication", that supposedly "best describe the character of the men and women who are the Temple Police Department."

After watching this video, you tell me if Officer Ermis and Sergeant Menix have this kind of character or if they're just characters in uniform.

'Natural man' fined $150 for fishing without license

Bozeman, Mt – A jury fined a 52-year-old homeless man $150 for fishing without a license near his habitat at Manhattan, Montana.

Ernie Tertelgte refused to identify himself when a game warden approached him, and from there the situation deteriorated with every step of the procedure of hauling him into court to answer the charge.

Because he refused to cooperate, the fish and game warden called a local police officer who attempted to de-escalate the situation, according to his testimony, but to no avail.

Mr. Tertelgte insists he is a English esquire, beholden to no King's law. A magistrate charged him with obstructing an officer and resisting arrest because he went limp when the officers applied the bracelets. They had to carry him to the squad car.

When his court date came, he made numerous outbursts. The judge had him ejected, and he was unable to cross-examine the witnesses who appeared against him because he was confined to an adjacent room where he was forced to watch the trial on video.

A sampling of some of his actions included his refusal to stand when the judge entered the room. He claimed that as an English Esquire, he is beholden to no American judge.

"You are trying to create a fictitious, fraudulent action." He continued, "I am the living man, protected by natural law." He then yelled, "Do not tell me to shut up! I am the living, natural man, and my voice will be heard!"

Terteltge then pointed at the flag and said, "That is the Jolly Roger, that thing you call the American flag with the golf fringe around it is the Jolly Roger, and you are acting as one of its privateers!"
When the judge noted that he had pleaded not guilty, Terteltge countered, "I never plead, animals plead, sounds like baaaa, oink oink."

Spectators quizzed by a reporter for their opinions reportedly responded by saying:

Maybe they should have just shot him. Dangerous criminal that he is and all.”

King's fish, perhaps? I think police have much more important things to concern themselves with.

But hey! We are FREE people!”

Man. Do we ever need to talk. This guy was treated like garbage for being right. Just because we have allowed ourselves to be lulled into misguided slavery does not make it right.”

If you act like a fool in court, then that is for the jury to observe and judge; you are allowed to make objections, even bad, foolish objections; plus, they handcuffed him in another room? They went too far; only if he was a danger to the court should he have been removed.”

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Tote the note car salesman meeting with banks' lawyers

The conversation takes place inside the law offices of a bank's attorney. Gets to the heart of the matter in a hurry…Ask yourself, WWDO? (What would Willie Do)

He'd probably say, "Oh, it's all just part of growing up…"

FIRST STATE - another big part of HUGE!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Bell County Attorney releases Grisham dash cam video

Sergeant, lawyer vow appeal in the works

Temple Police Officer: - 'We're exempt from the law...'
Reporting by R.S. Gates
Story by The Legendary Jim Parks

Belton, TX – When County Attorney Jim Nichols released the evidence jurors were instructed to use in their conviction of M/Sgt. C.J. Grisham, the Sergeant immediately released a copy to the members of Open Carry Texas.

Here it is, a 14-minute video that will make history in the Lone Star State and eventually strike a blow for freedom against statist elements who seek to disarm the public in their needs to protect themselves, their posessions, their homes and their places of business.

The Legendary, The Temple Telegram and all obtained the information on appeal from an Open Records Divison appeal to the Office of the Attorney General, a few minutes after 1 p.m. at the Bell County Justice Center.

Sgt. Grisham said he will definitely enter an appeal challenging the conviction, but did not immediately specify on what grounds or points of appeal.

"The irony of your sign, here, doesn't escape me," said Sgt. Grisham, as Officer Steve Ermis hauled him away in cuffs in the rear of his patrol vehicle. "We work for God…"

Readers worldwide are invited to form their own opinion as to the lawfulness of the arrest, the seizure of this war veteran's property, and the validity of the judge's instructions to jurors as to what constitutes "criminal negligence" when dealing with a police officer or any other public official doing their appointed duty.

- The Legendary

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Defense in Grisham delays release of dashcam

Lawyer elects to release video on Friday

Temple Police Officer Steve Ermis
Belton, TX – Following the jury's sentence of a $2,000 fine and no jail time for conviction of misdemeanor interference with a public official, M/Sgt. C.J. Grisham deferred to his lawyer's advice and chose to delay release of the dashcam video used as evidence in his trial.

Attorney Blue Rannefeld counseled him to wait a few days before releasing the public document the Attorney General's office previously ruled must be released under a public information act request.

The video depicts Temple Officer Steve Ermis as he asks the Sergeant why he has a rifle and is carrying it openly. His reply, “Because I can,” is plainly audible. At that point, the video shows the officer drawing his semiautomatic pistol and jamming in the back of the soldier's neck, then changing its location to his left armpit as he grabs for the gun.

According to Victoria JohnGalt Montgomery, Sgt. Grisham chose to defer to his attorney's advice for legal reasons. She is a board member of the organization he heads called Open Carry Texas, the PR Director, and spokesman for the group.

Jurors were instructed that if they found from seeing evidence and hearing testimony that the Sergeant acted with criminal negligence in substantially, recklessly, intentionally and knowingly interfering with Officer Ermis as he disarmed him, they should convict him of the Class B Misdemeanor offense punishable by a fine of $2,000 and 6 months in jail.

Readers of this blog and members of OCT expressed surprise and disappointment at the news that they would not be able to see the public document today, but instead will have to wait until Friday.

Following announcement of the jury's decision on his punishment, Sgt. Grisham said the decision signals a new paradigm in relations between legal authorities and armed citizens, "It cost me $2,000 to have my guns confiscated...Texans are subject to losing their guns and they won't even know why…"

- The Legendary

Grisham refused probation, will air dashcam video today

Belton, TX – The public will get a second look at the police dashcam video prosecutors used to convict a veteran U.S. Army non-commissioned officer for carrying a rifle in public.

Asked when the video, which has been withheld through a gag order by a visiting County Court at Law Judge, will be released, Sgt. Grisham said, “Tomorrow. It will be released through the Open Carry Texas/YouTube channel.

M/Sgt. C.J. Grisham defiantly told court officials he will not apply for probation in his sentence for interfering with a public official.

In order to receive a suspended sentence, a convicted offender must go through a battery of tests, make application, and submit to evaluation by the Adult Supervision and Correction Department, then adhere to certain terms and conditions of probation during the term of suspended sentence.

When asked, Sgt. Grisham replied, “I refused probation. I don't want it. If I did some false crime, I'll do false time.”

The Class B Misdemeanor for which he has been convicted by a jury carries a maximum sentence of a $2,000 fine and 6 months in jail, or both. Temple Police arrested him March 16 as he walked down a rural road near the Temple Airport, where relatives in his extended family own farm properties.

He told supporters and newsmen that he was following up on a series of encounters with methamphetamine cooks who pilfer the anhydrous ammonia gas used to fertilize and prepare seed bed for row crops at that time of year. “I and another guy were involved in a high speed auto chase,” he said in a previous interview, while trying to catch an ammonia thief.

The “meth cooks” use it to prepare “Nazi speed,” an especially potent and extremely poisonous form of the drug devised during the closing days of World War II, when the German Army was bereft of all forms of supplies, especially food for the troops, clothing was in short supply, and severely diminished, exhausted rankers were expected to fight for extended hours over days and weeks and months, as they fell back, malnourished and nearly naked before rapidly advancing Allied troops and armor from the U.S. and the Soviet Union.

The drug is prepared in pyrex dishes placed in ice chests using a cold process, without condensation or the use of such basic supplies as phenyl acetic acid, which is heavily regulated by the DEA, and using lithium from batteries, match heads for red phosphorus, and muriatic acid used to clean swimming pools. Addicts usually lose their teeth within two years, and are dead within five.

He previously appeared before the City Council to ask that they repeal unconstitutional local ordinances disallowing open carry of firearms that were passed by local governments in reaction to the passage of a Concealed Carry Handgun License law enacted by the state legislature in the late 90's. His request fell on deaf ears.

When he and his son stepped out for a 10-mile hike that took them through the neighborhood, a woman who works for a social service agency thought the appearance of a man and a youngster walking armed with a rifle looked “odd,” and phoned the Temple police to voice her “alarm.”

The video made by the police dashcam depicts Temple Police Department Officer Steve Ermis jamming the muzzle of an automatic pistol into the back of the Sergeant's neck, bending him over the hood of a patrol car, then jabbing him in the ribs with the pistol while he takes control of the rifle and disarms him.

Jurors convicted him for interfering with the policeman when they made a finding that he “substantially, intentionally, unreasonably, and recklessly” failed to exercise the type of ordinary caution or restraint a person would ordinarily exercise. The finding was in accordance with a jury instruction prepared by prosecutors and instructed by the judge.

Viewers, many of whom feel the conviction represents a severe stricture on the right to keep and bear arms guaranteed by the U.S. and Texas Constitutions, will be able to compare the officer's testimony with what they see on the dashcam and make up their own minds.

- The Legendary

Tuesday, November 19, 2013



Members of the public gallery were able to hear the jury charged in the misdemeanor case against M/Sgt. C.J. Grisham for interfering with a public official, a public detail from which they were excluded in the initial October trial.

That trial resulted in a mistrial when the jurors deadlocked, unable to reach a unanimous verdict. 

Lead Prosecutor John Gauntt, Jr., emphasized in the charge that the panel must make a finding of any one of 4 elements to establish criminal negligence on the part of Sgt. Grisham in order to convict him for interfering with a public official - that he acted in an, 1) substantial, 2) intentional, 3) unreasonable, or 4) reckless manner in trying to prevent Police Officer Steve Ermis from disarming him.

Defense attorney Blue Rannefeld in his summation told jurors that Sgt. Grisham's conduct was typical of what a normal person would do when he momentarily grasped his weapon as he officer took it from him.

Members of the jury received the case at about 2:30 p.m. and are still in deliberation. - The Legendary

Monday, November 18, 2013

Grisham dissolves board of Open Carry Texas

Belton, Texas – Following a first day of his second trial for a misdemeanor charge of interfering with an officer when Temple Police stripped him of his AR-15 assault rifle on March 16, M/Sgt. C.J. Grisham reported about 10:15 p.m. Central time that he is dissolving the board of Open Carry Texas, Inc.

The first trial ended in October when jurors deadlocked on the verdict and were unable to reconcile to deliver a unanimous verdict of conviction or acquittal. Visiting Judge Neel D. Richardson declared a mistrial.

In today's action at trial, a jury of three men and three women were seated, two of whom are black, two white and two Hispanic. They head testimony from the arresting officer, Steve Ermis, of the Temple Police Department.

The on-line organization Grisham founded to spread his story has served as a conduit for contributions to his defense fund and a rallying point for open carry demonstrations throughout the state, at the State Capitol, and various cities. He has also served as a spokesman for Self Defense, a legal representation insurance company headed by Larry Keilberg of Ft. Worth. Mr. Keilberg boasts of furnishing up to one million dollars in defense funding to any member charged with a firearms-related offense in any state, territory, national park or tribal land.
Larry Keilberg,

Sgt. Grisham gave this statement via his page - I've dissolved the board. I will be selecting a new board shortly. If you'd like to help continue the course we are on and are motivated and well-spoken, please contact me.”

Great controversy erupted on Sunday evening when he made a statement of apology directed at Mothers Demand Action, an anti-gun group of women who were meeting at a Ft. Worth Mexican restaurant when a chapter of Open Carry Texas led by District 6 Congressional Candidate Kory Watkins stopped in the parking lot during an armed walk, bearing assault weapons.

At least one member of the group contacted a media outlet for the national press, and the story went viral overnight, garnering ink in publications nationwide as diverse as USA Today and the Dallas Morning News, which denounced the group in columnist Steve Blow's daily offering.

Sgt. Grisham offered a $100 gift certificate for lunch at Blue Mesa Restaurant and a solemn promise that the group will not arrive at events sponsored by the mother's group in the future.

Members of the board rose up in fury and denounced his actions.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Be careful what you say you saw - and where you say it

What they saw – 
Lee Bowers, Jr., died in a single car accident, Aug. 9, 1966

Lee Bowers Jr. was the key eyewitness in the assignation of President John F. Kennedy.  At the time of the shooting he was a tower man for the north tower while employed by the Union Terminal Company.  The tower is located at the corner of Elm and Houston which is 50 yards from the School Depository Building.  It has windows on all four sides and sits 12-14 feet off of the ground.

Mr. Bowers testified that he saw three vehicles all approach the School Depository Building.  All three of the vehicles appeared within 20 minutes of one another.  Each circled the northern and western side of the building then disappeared around the front. Lee acknowledges he saw the President’s car approach the corner of Elm and Huston when he heard three shots. 

Unfortunately he did not see the car at the time of any of the shots as the vehicle was blocked by a decorative wall.  Mr. Bowers believes the shots came from the School Depository Building or the triple underpass below him.  The key piece of his testimony was that he observed two strangers on the grassy knoll.

Strangely enough Lee Bowers Jr. died in a motor vehicle crash.  Witnesses say a black vehicle forced his car off of the roadway into a bridge abutment.  This was only four years after the assassination of the president.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

'My mother would have shot them' – cop at DHS drill

File photo furnished by DHS
Somewhere in the D/FW Metroplex – Simulated pools of blood shone slickly, a purplish shade of sticky-sweet red, as volunteer actors moaned and pleaded for help and medics rushed the wounded to first aid.
The cop smiled wryly and answered with candor, when asked about officers wearing combat gear, full body armor, armed with assault rifles – the ones depicted in video assaulting housewives on their front porches in New Orleans, taking away their firearms during the Katrina disaster.

If it had been my mama,” he said, shaking his head. “My mother would have shot them, no question. Now, if they had knocked politely, showed a search warrant, she would have probably baked them some cookies and sent them on their way with a smile...”

And then he laughed out loud – looked into the mid distance – and laughed again.

Would he be quoted?
He laughed louder. “Hell, no!...No way!” In the parlance of today's Associated Press reporters, he declined comment because he is  “an official who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly.”

Adherents of DontComply and OpenCarryTexas reported they were given ultimatums to leave the area when they showed up in places where police and firemen held Urban Shield civil defense drills under the supervision of the Department of Homeland Security – or face arrest for trespassing, or other charges.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Guns of November - early or late - in autumnal clarity

Sixth Floor

Picket Fence
Grassy knoll
Back, and to the left…Back, and to the left...

Kau Inoa – To Build A Nation

Irving, TX – Curtis Kaloi is a dahkine police, a working man from the big island of Hawaii, with kin folks from all through the archipelago.

He makes his case with tones of wonder. “Did you hear about Lanai?” Waiting for effect, he says, “Huh?”

One conjures up images of the little island, clouds and mist enveloping its steep green slopes, a mountain top protruding from the Pacific, half forgotten, never visited.

Some billionaire bought it. Just bought it. How do you do that? Huh? How can that be possible?”

But there is new hope for his people, he explains.

We are registering, just like the Native Americans.”

Just like the tribes of North America, the polynesians are poised to claim tribal rights not covered by the treaties with the monarchs made by diplomats from across the waters, men in striped pants with fancy ties and funny ways.

It's true, the Kau Inoa movement is purposeful and directed toward a remembrance of those who came so long ago in outrigger canoes with lateen sails, from places in paradise that time forgot. Polynesia. Islands of refuge, plenty. Hope. Respite from the vastness all around, the sky above the ocean below, and below its surface, a world unknown, largely unexplored.

Will there be gambling, like Oklahoma? New York? Washington State?

I hope so,” he says, a dream in his eyes.

One conjures up images of unknown worlds, spotted from the air, from car windows speeding past on ribbons of concrete and paths of macadam, tin huts, coconut palms, free range chickens, kids playing in the surf, women standing, poised on one foot, the other pointing toward their interlocutor, locked deep in gossip, a child on their hips, another tugging at the skirt of their garment. One thinks of row upon row of hotels and condos owned by foreign investors, their coffers offshore, their income sheltered, untouched by taxes.

It's not too late, one says. Ever. Never.

So, the operative question is, what do those local boys think about Captain Cook – and company?

Well, you know, those local boys don't much like haoles, anyhow.” The look of scorn recedes quickly, leaves the muscle tension around his eyes, when the roast beef says, “I ain't no haole, man. Not me. Sailor man.” Pointing to my chest.

Laughter, all around.

And, then, back to the drill - Urban Shield - a slaughter of innocents in a school for little kids - a place of carnage, of blood and torn flesh caused by the bullets of some mad man bent on the destruction of human life. 

Conflict. Terror. 

In laughter, roast beef and local boy come away from the conversation with a single dream of no more bad days, a good life built on chance. Fortune. 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Movies, high tech simulates war of terror in Metroplex

Volunteers lined up to get in the movie, cops from everywhere assisted - and the show was on with Urban Shield.

Anyone who has seen a second director working the crowd scenes of a "pic-cha" in principle photography will recognize the role this man was playing at a simulated "Columbine" attack at Stipes Elementary School in Irving organized by Cytel Group, Inc., for DHS in cooperation with police agencies from throughout the 16-county North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG), a grant-chasing association of cities and counties with headquarters at the Six Flags campus in Arlington…"Okay, places, everyone. We're 10 minutes out…Ready with lights, camera - Action!"

Tony Cimaglia, a volunteer actor whose wife is a teacher at Stipes Elementary School, Irving, Texas, where DHS enacted a "Columbine Style" shooting attack…Michelle Massey, a teacher with a simulated .223 Remington wound that in reality would have torn her shoulder completely off her body…Urban Shield, 11/9/13 by Cytel Group, Inc.

If you wonder where blogsters got fake pictures of the Boston Marathon bombing, look no further. They likely weren't pictures of the bombing, but of a simulated drill that took place earlier. The same company, Cytel Group, Inc., is doing similar drills throughout the D/FW Metroplex over the
weekend of 11/8-10/13.

This man, Taka Yokoyama, was one block away from the Boston Marathon disaster, working as a cameraman for a local network affiliate, when the explosion occurred. The force of the blast? "It rocked my van," he replied. 
He has since transferred to a Dallas station. According to his recollection, the media was not allowed to film or take pictures of the simulated Boston attacks arranged by Cytel for the DHS. So pictures of known commandos wearing prosthetic devices that look like legs severed by bomb blasts could have come from simulated attacks…Do the math.
Cytel Group, Inc., is a Dublin, California, outfit ramrodded by Alameda County Sheriff Greg Ahern that helps the government train local cop shops in the art and science of crowd control, bomb squad tactics, SWAT assaults and live shooter scenarios. The company did the training drills that happened to precede the Boston Marathon attack in April.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Social media info activist in action on tax policy

Think on-line journalism doesn't affect the way things are done in your world?

Think again.

R.S. Gates made these comments before the Robinson City Council on Nov. 5. The results are self evident and very impressive, to say the least. 

By obtaining public record against the wishes of entrenched bureaucrats and special interests in industry, government, real estate and law, then publishing them far and wide on such non-traditional media as FaceBook and YouTube, Mr. Gates caused two governments, the Robinson City Council and the McLennan County Commissioners Court, to defer and reconsider their votes for the Board of Directors of the key agency that makes property taxes go up and up and up and up - whether taxing entities raise the tax rates, or not. - The Legendary

Urban Shield' tactics against guerilla war at home

D/FW Metroplex – You learn from the latest war how to fight the war of the present.

Just like Iraq and Afghanistan, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Algeria before brushfire war came to the U.S., the American government is playing catch up in the face of a rising tide of terror tactics carried out against citizens who are busy in the ordinary pursuit of happiness.

The enemy uses your resources, attacks you where you live, where your children get their education, where you get your health care. He uses your customs and laws, rules and procedures against you and your friends and family.

His goal: To convince you, me – we the people – that there really are no friendlies in our neighborhoods, that terror lurks behind every smiling face, that our precious children are forfeit to his onslaught.

Urban Shield is in full operation in this regional capital - the Metroplex - for the weekend. Civil police officers acting as urban domestic war fighters will be training in the tactics of their war. It's one example of an effort to teach the people how to fight back, one in which the model is for the civil professionals to do the fighting for the people under the organized training and tactical regimen of the Department of Homeland Security.

Though there are many exercises unknown to the public, here's the line-up of drills that the public will be able to see through media outlets, particularly television.

The chief planners of the exercise, Chief Carl Smith of the Midlothian Police Department and Matt Feryan of the Plano Office of Emergency Management, will hold a media briefing at 3:30 pm on Friday, Nov. 8, at the North Central Texas Coucil of Governments offices, 616 Six Flags Drive, Arlington.

They will brief newsmen on the multi-layered, full scale exercise in response to man-made disaster situations.

Four sites will be open to the media, where filming will be allowed.

1) Emergency Medical Services and Bomb Squad teams will respond to a mock attack at Stipes Elementary School, 3100 Crosstimbers Dr., Irving, from noon until 2 pm on Saturday, Nov. 9. It is a replicated “Columbine” style assault in which medical services providers will operate at close quarters in a hostile situation and bomb squad members will assess as many as 100 backpacks for bomb-making explosive materials.

2) Fire fighters will show their skills at rescuing people in collapsed buidings at Tarrant County College, 4801 Marince Creek Parkway, Fort Worth, from 2 to 4 pm on Saturday. By shoring, lifting and moving collapsed walls and keeping well-intentioned but inexpert people from complicating matters by injuring others needlessly, fire firghters and rescue squads mitigate disaster. Experience has shown that crowds who quickly assemble to try to help actually cause more harm than they do good.

3) SWAT operators will take on an active shooter situation at Baylor Medical Center, 4500 Gaston Ave, Dallas, from 4-6 pm on Saturday. The simulated exercise will closely parallel experience gained in hospital attacks at Knoxvile, Tennessee, in September 2010; Johns Hopkins at Baltimore, Maryland, September 2010; University of New Mexico Hospital, January 2011; Naples, Florida, July 2011; a double homicide in a shooter situation at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, March 2012, and a recent shooting in a hospital at Danbury, Connecticut.

4) Perhaps the most interesting exercise of all is one aimed at prevention of violence, in which intelligence units will develop a case against simulated suspects who are wanted in a high risk warrant situation at the Duncanville Agricultural Barn, 2237 Cockrell Hill Road, Duncanville, 8-10 pm. SWAT operators will rely upon information developed by a Regional Fusion and Intelligence Center to get their suspects under control with a minimum of violence, according to organizers of the event.  

Thursday, November 7, 2013

What's all this talk about rights? Ever heard of freedom?

Support your local police! Beat yourself up...

Rights? There are no rights, no such thing. It's a puddin' and a fake, a fairy tale from la la land and Hollywood, told by vidiots on television who are talking heads to romance folks in a trance.

But you, well, you're wide awake, now. Welcome to the real world.

Now, what you have is freedom. You got a pair big enough to reach out and take it? Use it? We the people put this United States Rifle - this FIRING PIECE - in your hands. You man enough to squeeze that trigger, for effect, make it count?

Because I'll tell you why. You ain't got no rights, never did and never will. What you got is freedom to fight like hell to keep what you got, and not let them run over you and yours and what you have. You got the sand to use it, to fight and live and breathe and die a free man? Do you read me?

Because you ain't got no rights. There is no such thing. There is freedom and there is no freedom. You better choose quick. 

Veterans, activists speak out against DHS, Urban Shield

Fear shades of Boston Marathon bombing

DHS is funding a multi-million dollar evolution of its multi-year, multi-state, multi-agency Operation Urban Shield in the D/FW Metroplex Nov. 7-10...

Cytel Group, Inc., a Department of Homeland Security training coordinator headquartered near Oakland, California, is the training agency with the contract to do the exercise.

According to a Cytel Group, the company organized the same type of operation at Boston, just previous to the marathon bombing: (click here to see the company's website)

Mission Control: Emergency Operations Center at Alameda County Sheriff's Department where Sheriff Greg Ahern rides herd on Operation Urban Shield for Cytel Group, Inc. They are ramrodding the op for North Central Texas Council of Governments in the 16-county area surrounding the D/FW Metroplex.

Mission Control at Dublin, CA, Cytel's
 headquarters near Oakland
How much does a multi-state, multi-year, multi-agency operation like Urban Shield cost taxpayers? That's classified, but here's a clue. According to a recent article about the U.S. Senate, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's whiskey-making state of Kentucky realizes about $1.00 for every 0.66 cents paid in federal taxes across the board. Go figure.

If in need of personal guidance, refer to Mr. James Madison's master work, the “Bill of Rights,” the first 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution: