Monday, June 30, 2014

There is no border - Cutout militias to cut it out

Commander Chris Davis, CO of the "boots on the ground" militia

A variety of citizen militias heeded the call of some women who staff the conference call rooms of the patriot movement nationwide. They converged on Texas to do what they can, and found they must await the permission of Governor Rick Perry, who has so far not exercised his option to enlist their aid. A report on the situation as of June 30, 2014, the day the U.S. House of Representatives passed the word that there will be no vote on immigration reform during this Congressional Session

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Wetbacks as refugees

Columns of refugees streaming out of Mexico into border states like Texas makes it easy for drug cartels to insert advance guards, a Green Beret predicted in 2010. Reprinted from ‘The Legendary,’ May 21, 2010. The implications for terrorists to use the same tactic are startling.
Waco – It was one of those get-out-the-vote meetings, the kind of thing political operatives do at primary time – every time. But this year was different. It was the year 2010.
A seasoned special ops warrior who began his life in Mexico, became naturalized when his father flew airplanes in the World War Two-era Army Air Corps, then served as a Green Beret, operating in exile in Laos and Cambodia where Americans were not supposed to be found, briefed the rank and file.
The Sinaloa Cartel, the Gulf Cartel, and the Zetas “are creating waves of refugees into the U.S. that also carry the advance elements of these cartels into our country,” said Bert Hernandez, a reserve police officer and the general manager of a local Ford dealership.
He and other TEA Party operatives set up an insurgency inside the local Republican Party structure that rocked and shocked the old guard, delivered a solid turnout of Hispanic votes, a swing element where before, none had existed.
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Monday, June 23, 2014

Balancing boom town oil budget on the border


Most of the 90,000 children who have cross the border illegally this year will be found by ICE agents on the streets of the colonias.

That's a figure that has increased dramatically from 2011 – 28,000 – and 2013, with about 40,000.

Half a million people live on the Texas-Mexican border in squalid and unsanitary conditions in 2,294 subdivisions called colonias - developments platted and approved by Commissioners Courts without even the most basic provisions for sewage, water, and storm drainage.

Most of these are located in flood plains unsuitable for building, areas which have no natural drainage, where raw sewage mixes with runoff to choke creeks and ditches, then flow into the Rio Grande, where border towns get their drinking water.

They are breeding grounds for disease. According to Texas Department of Health reports, “hepatitis A, salmonellosis, dysentery, cholera and other diseases occur at much higher rates in colonias than in Texas as a whole. Tuberculosis is also a common health threat, occurring almost twice as frequently along the border...”

The homeowners cross into America illegally in their quest for work, buy lots in these communities, but receive no guarantee of clear title as they make payments in owner-financed schemes.

They build their shacks piecemeal, as funds become available to build on with makeshift materials. The result is that building inspectors refuse to sign off on the structures in approval of grant and loan programs that would allow them to be improved with plumbing and sewer services. The people haul their water in 55-gallon drums, or pay tanker truck drivers to fill 2,500-gallon tanks. The effluent of their bathrooms? Who knows. There are everything from outhouses to septic tanks that don't drain into lateral lines.

Here's a clue. When you see a pile of toilet paper on the floor next to a commode, you are looking at a place where undocumented aliens who have crossed the border illegally go to relieve themselves. They are conditioned to do so because the sewer systems they use in Mexico and on the border will not accept toilet paper. They burn it, but if there's no receptacle in which to place it, they just throw it on the floor

Saturday, June 21, 2014

This IS the border fence...

Floyd Brashears checks out his video statement on militia objectives


Let me tell you about my border. There were two walls and a muddy mine field running down the center of a DMZ. At least, it was one place I could understand...” - Floyd Brashears

Carrizo Springs, Texas – Riding through the oil fields along muddy clay and sand haul roads, swampy, soupy rutted tracks traversed by giant rigs hauling fracturing pressure pumping equipment, tanks of mud, water, and acid, the closer you get to the border, the more prevalent become the high wire fences designed to keep deer in and people out, and the more frequent the appearance of corporate security gates manned by private guards.

There is no public access to miles upon miles of the rattlesnake and scorpion-infested, wild hog and thorny cactus-choked brush country that slopes down to the bed of the Rio Grande.

Looking around in wonder as motor route after motor route of county roads and Farm to Market roads to the river are blocked off by dead ends at multiple security gates that give no right of way in any direction, Floyd Brashears, the interim commander of coalition militias who is walking point in the build-up of citizen soldiers hell bent on guarding the border, says, “Border fence, nothin'. This IS the border fence!”

He gestures at the hostile landscape, gesticulating at the limp remains of two very large rattlesnakes flung into the muddy road by the driver of a spattered four-wheel drive pickup that passed in a hail of light brown droplets of soupy clay and sand.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Boomtown Call To Arms

I am being taxed to provide benefits for people who do not deserve them, benefits I cannot afford for myself and family.” - a militiaman speaking of illegal immigration

Encinal, Texas - Torrential rain poured from the heavens as Soldier 1 and Soldier 2, both of them Oathkeepers, fielded phone calls from a 24/7 hotline for militiamen seeking to answer a Call to Arms at this border outpost, a truck stop at the 39 mile marker, just north of Laredo.

Their mission: “Close down Laredo Crossing...” The Facebook proclamation was headed “ACTION ALERT,” and it went up live on computer screens nationwide on Wednesday evening.

It's axiomatic in Texas politics that when great periods of agitation begin over border disputes at the Rio Grande, war soon follows, whether the war is in Europe (1913), the interior of Mexico (1846), or America (1861-65) .

As pathfinders, the Oath Keepers are here to assist fellow citizen soldiers to find their way to this ultra-busy corner of the oil patch, where cross-border truck traffic keeps the highway hot, ordinary motel rooms go for $300 per night, and the world has come to a once-barren stretch of prairie dominated by mesquite and javelina, white tail and coyotes – and not much else.

It's a hot box of illegal border crossings, this area northwest of Laredo where people from Mexico wait for transportation to spirit them on the next leg of their journey. It's nothing new. It always was the kind of place where you saw locomotives stopped on sidetracks, the trains behind them brightly lit by Border Patrol searchlights as brown people ran through the brush in mad dashes for freedom.

Now they wait in the brush amid injection wells, brine ponds, mud yards, strings of pipe, drilling and makeover rigs.

The Oath Keepers, who are sworn to keep their original vow as members of the Armed Forces to protect the Constitution of the United States “against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” stepped in, answering a nationwide call to arms when the Texas Militia left in a huff earlier in the week and declared in Facebook statements that they are “washing their hands” of the border because Texas authorities won't let them do much more than housekeeping and hospitality tasks - fetching bottles of water, policing the grounds of trash and carrying messages - in their quest to keep undocumented aliens from making illegal border crossings.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

A case to cross the Rabbi's eyes

The Wailing Wall
Amarillo - Let's say you name is McLennan County Appraisal District and you owe rent to someone named Hoppenstein. 

What to do? Just don't budget any more money to pay the rent, move out on the lease, and go in peace? Not so fast. An appeals court in this city upheld a Waco jury verdict that holds otherwise. 

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tale of the river - east and west

Waco – This is a tale of the river.

Cross the Brazos, and where have you gone? If you head east, you're in a place where all the rules apply, whether you've broken them, or not.

Head west, and you enter a world of privilege, power, political connections. It means a lot, most days, and every night.

Of a one-man crime wave

One man, one dog…a helicopter
Valley Mills – Sgt. Randy Threlkeld knows his people, and he knows Brad Taylor as a man with rabbit in his blood. “He’s a runner,” he said, minutes after he and other officers rousted the 37-year-old, 220-pound six-footer out of the woods behind a trailer where an informant said he could be found last Thursday night, May 29.

That's why he stationed Deputy Kyle Williams and K-9 Buck at the back door, where the dog laid the suspect low with his fangs, and the deputy with his Taser...

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Sunday, June 1, 2014

FEDS lock horns - ATF blocks evidence in West probe

West, Texas – Think of it this way. If you were the King or Emperor, wouldn’t you prefer to have subordinate agencies fighting with each other for influence rather than a cohesive power base beneath your station that could easily rise up and attack, depose you, cause a need for abdication?
From the minute the Adair Seed Co., doing business as West Fertilizer, blew sky high in a burnt orange mushroom cloud in April, 2013, taking fifteen lives, damaging 200 homes, three schools and injuring hundreds, there was an unreal air of secrecy about nearly everything connected to this weird event.
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