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15 minutes the videographers say will change your life

Prison Planet's answer to manufactured fear

Local Tea Party co-founder responds to Farah article

This YouTube video put a 10-term Congressman on the run...

Angela Cox is a co-founder of the Burleson Tea Party, which splintered and spawned her founding the Johnson County Tea Party.

She is a very active Facebooker, and mover in Tea Party circles who keeps abreast of who is running for what in central and north Texas. I asked her for her reaction to a recent call for civil disobedience printed in World Net Daily by Tea Party manifesto author Joseph Farah.

These are my questions, and I have printed Angela Cox's answers to my impromptu on-line interview below:

Any thoughts? I wonder how you feel about this item I gleaned from World Net Daily. You may notice that Mr. Farah's picture is duplicated in the old YouTube video from 3/21/10. He's in the background in that one, too. How about his belief that the Tea Parties have been "betrayed" by the Congress critters they elected in 2010? His call for more civil disobedience? Any thoughts on nullification of Obamacare? Gun control? NDAA? TSA? - The Legendary (p.s. Come on, Angela. I need the copy. You're one of the best interviews in the field because you move with the people and you've got your finger on the pulse. Something tells me the session of the Legislature coming at us in stereo will be a stormy one. ) - The Legendary

I have recently been contacted by members of the media and bloggers, requesting an interview with me on a wide range of issues ranging from civil disobedience, nullification of Obamacare gun control, NDAA, TSA, Obama's re-election and the "fiscal cliff". They have stated that they seek me out because and I quote, "You give good interviews, you seem to have the pulse of the people and you move with the people." Another one, "You spend more time with the people than you do politicians, other than targeting ones for benefit of the cause or to change their employment in DC or state. This makes you a vital source and voice."

Hmmm....a correction needs to be made here and I advised the media as well. I do not have the pulse of the people. I am merely a member of the people, who share the same principles, convictions and values as Conservatives and as Americans. If I give an interview, it is not just my words that I speak. It is the words of my fellow Americans as well that I have been privy to receive from them. See the Tea Party does not have and has never had a "Leader", one that is in charge of all. This is what makes the Tea Party so unique and it remains in control of, for and by the people. ;-)

I have advised the media just as I've advised all of you a couple of times that come 2013, it is game on and while I have technically taken a break it hasn't exactly been a complete break. I have been busy, yes indeed! My focus is on the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. I take note, name and record of all, no matter the state. I am an American and this is my country. There are no borders to being an American and I know many from across this great land, guaranteed! If they are still interested, I will speak with them come 2013!

Hey, one follow-up question. If you run for office, which one would it be? - The Legendary

The media and bloggers seem to be very interested as to if I will run for office and if so, will it be on a state or federal level. I have no comment on such at this time, but like I always say..."You never know what the next sunrise will bring!"

I shared this with all of you, not for me but so that you will come to know that the media and bloggers are still very interested in what "WE THE PEOPLE" have to say and "WE" are still a formidable force in American politics today. ;-)
See the World Net Daily article published last week by Joseph Farah by clicking here:

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Tea Party founder calls for civil disobedience

Cites 'betrayal' of politicians who benefitted from 2010 vote whipped up by Tea Party
Joseph Farah, author of the "Tea Party Manifesto" and founding CEO of "World Net Daily" weighed in on the national debate today, calling for massive protests designed to lead to arrests of many thousands of protesters.
...Today’s leaders – Democrats and too many Republicans as well – have tipped the scales in favor of oligarchy.
The tea party accomplished much during 2010. But it wasn’t the kind of long-lasting change we expected. Even the tea party was co-opted by politicians and those chasing the almighty dollar. But it began with all the best intentions as a grass-roots movement free of self-interested leaders. Those who did the hard organizational work simply wanted to save their country from the abyss.
As the author of “The Tea Party Manifesto,” I want to see the excitement we all experienced in 2010 re-ignited.
We had Washington running scared in 2010 – and the elections that year reflected the numbers mobilized by the tea-party movement.
However, those politicians who were the beneficiaries of that vote have betrayed us...

Quitting time on Friday – 'Hour for immediate action'

Candid portrait of a nation in open revolt, heading over a fiscal cliff

Washington waits until the last minute while “normal people meet deadlines...they get things done...” the President said, as a refractory House of Representatives drives a rudderless, foundering ship of state off a fiscal cliff...

...But if an agreement isn’t reached in time between Senator Reid and Senator McConnell, then I will urge Senator Reid to bring to the floor a basic package for an up-or-down vote –- one that protects the middle class from an income tax hike, extends the vital lifeline of unemployment insurance to two million Americans looking for a job, and lays the groundwork for future cooperation on more economic growth and deficit reduction. 

 I believe such a proposal could pass both houses with bipartisan majorities as long as those leaders allow it to actually come to a vote. If members of the House or the Senate want to vote no, they can –- but we should let everybody vote. That’s the way this is supposed to work. If you can get a majority in the House and you can get a majority in the Senate, then we should be able to pass a bill...

The President will appear on 'Meet the Press' on Sunday morning - for the first time in three years, since he appeared on all networks on a Sunday morning to tout his health care plan...(click here for a good time)
A national reaction carved in stone

Friday, December 28, 2012

Critique of Newtown shooting – guns, ammo wrong

Glock 19 - 9mm
Competition shooters allege false flag story - ammo, weapons wrong - story doesn't add up

SHARED From - Nuda Waya Nuda Waya - 
As at the current point and time what the narrative is on the story which claims he (Adam Lanza) used the rifle, and in one instance the claim is he hit fleeing or moving targets with the rifle. The point considered which was my first thought when it was claimed the .233 was not used was. How did kid diagnosed with aspergers syndrome (Clumsy is an apt and primary and obvious description of every patient I've known with it.) and limited if any firing range experiance and zero violent episodes suddenly develop super IDPA skills? (Defensive Pistol) To include magazine changes on the fly, with either pistols or rifle is asking a lot from someone who competes and magazine changes can be the screw up moment much of the time at IDPA. I do know very well what pistol hollowpoints do so in every article the medical examiner seems to be describing hollow-point ballistics. I also know at close range as is depected in the incident the .223 rifle is going in all likeihood pass right through the victim and not be "imbedded and mushroomed" as it takes a few meters to develop its characteristic tumble that cause them to fragment. So if the examiner is saying "designed to kill", it may be right if was hollowpoints from the pistols. I'm just not buying the story due to all the quick change occuring. There are no .223 hollowpoints produced they are all FMJ, NATO approved. Seems there are a lot of lies that he has a 10 to 15 minute period of time according to all the reports to do all this makes it improbable and the ENDS NEVER JUSTIFY THE MEANS! You heard it from me first.

IDPA is a competition handgun shooting association that uses .45 ACP ammo exclusively - The Legendary

Americans evenly divided on new gun laws - Gallup

Click on image for a larger view

Homeless woman doused, set ablaze in LA arson attack

The charred bench where Violet has bedded down for 10 years, rain or shine
Death stalks a homeless woman in her bed

You see a lot more meanness in the city, it's the kind that eats you up inside. Hard to make it home with anything that feels like dignity, hard to come away with any pride. - Don Henley, “Down at the Sunset Grill”

A bus bench in the San Fernando Valley – Los Angeles police are calling "mental illness" the motive for dousing an elderly homeless woman known only as Violet and setting her ablaze with the touch of a match.

For ten years, she has bedded down on the same plastic bus bench each night. She didn't like to panhandle, and she provided for her needs by recycling aluminum cans she picked up on the street and found in trash containers.

A 24-year-old man named Dennis Petillo came out of a nearby liquor store, poured a flammable liquid all over the sleeping woman, and set her on fire.

She is in critical condition at an area hospital; he is in the LA County Jail under $500,000 bond, booked with investigation of attempted murder.

According to a witness, who identified the homeless woman as one of the sweetest people in the neighborhood, “He just poured it all over the lady...Then he set a match to her and started running.”

A short time later, the cops had their man.

Said a Los Angeles Deputy Chief named Kirk Albanese, “There was no incident or dispute or clear motivation for this horrific attack. He is not of sound mind...The motive is mental illness.”

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Man who shot Charles Whitman succumbs to illness

Officer Houston McCoy, third from left
Houston McCoy ended 1966 seige with '00'

Menard, Texas – Brutal temperatures hovered above 100 degrees at high noon on August 1, 1966. Austin and the University of Texas had no idea what was about to hit them.

Charles Whitman - murdered his wife, his mother, and 14 others
A brain-damaged cancer victim, a young Marine with a walnut-sized tumor in his head, dishonorably discharged after a court martial conviction over gambling and usury charges, killed his wife, bludgeoned his mother to death with hammer blows to the head, and proceeded to kill 14 people with sniper fire directed at innocent people from an observation deck on the clock tower at the University of Texas at Austin.

A young woman pregnant with her first child was the first to go down, cut from her shoulder to her abdomen with a high-powered rifle round that also killed her unborn child. When her husband bent over her to ask what was wrong, another round ended his life.

Charles Whitman wounded an additional 32 persons, firing at random during a 2-hour rampage that kept hundreds of people, including those wounded by rifle fire, pinned down in the scorching mid-day sun. More than one survivor suffered second degree burns from the convection of intense heat radiated from the concrete upon which they crouched in hiding, bereft of water and shade.

Patrolman Houston McCoy was at Town Lake on the Colorado River when the first calls came in reporting the unthinkable happening at the campus.

When he arrived, he stood by helplessly as the sniper rained death on the huge crime scene below – an area that stretched for blocks in all directions.

Finally, he and Patrolman Ramiro Martinez joined a civilian named Allen Crum, a University Co-Op employee with a borrowed rifle, and Patrolman Jerry Day in a mad dash for the entrance to the building during a brief respite in the firing.

When they reached the top floor, they stepped out of the elevator and into an atechamber of hell.

A family wounded by Whitman's attack lay bleeding on the floor. The father pointed to the door, and said, “He's out there,” after the officers struggled with another man for possession of a gun he wanted to use on Whitman for murdering his wife. A woman who survived the attack later said she thought a large blood stain on the floor was spilled varnish, and that Whitman, who was standing there with two rifles in his hands, was there to shoot pigeons.

Together, the quartet climbed the staircase that led to the observation deck.

Whitman, gunned down at the tower
Mr. Crum went one way around the side of the clock tower, while the two patrolmen went the other. When they rounded the corner, they saw Whitman sitting with his back to the north wall at a distance of 50 feet. Patrolman Ramirez emptied his revolver in an attempt to shoot Whitman; every shot missed, but he succeeded in suppressing Whitman's return fire.

At that point, Houston McCoy jumped from his hiding place behind Ramirez' crouching combat stance, and fired two loads of '00' buckshot at Whitman, ending his life, and finally putting a stop to the terrible siege.

Reporters assumed Patrolman Ramirez had ended Whitman's life. Like the John Wayne character in the film, “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance,” Officer McCoy did nothing to disabuse them of their misconception. Ramirez later became a Texas Ranger, and was elected Justice of the Peace in Hondo.

Officer McCoy's days of police work soon ended. He was plagued with the troublesome symptoms suffered by many combat veterans.

Naturally, the university had no contingency plan for such an unthinkable event. Who stops to think about the unthinkable?

Who knew?

University officials suffered massive public disapproval, fallout largely confined to the Austin area, in the days following the murderous rampage when it was learned that Whitman had visited the University Student Health Service, complaining of severe headaches, and had admitted that he was under the influence of methamphetamines.

Houston McCoy
A mental health specialist who interviewed him during his visit prescribed nerve medication, and noted in the medical chart that during their conversation, Whitman was “oozing hostility.”

After a lingering year-long illness from a chronic disease, Officer Houston McCoy succumbed today at the age of 72 in his west Texas hometown of Menard. Rest in peace, sir.

Any firearms law is a violation of the 2nd Amendment!

Colt Model P Single Action Army Revolver, 1873, "The World's Right Arm"
It's not the gun, it's what you do with it that counts
The 2nd Amendment doesn't allow for ANY federal laws on firearms.  Period.  We're sick of the half-measures and the beating around the bush on this essential, natural right - the right to Keep and Bear Arms. - 10th Amendment Center
2nd Amendment Preservation Act

AN ACT, which shall be known and may be cited as the “2nd Amendment Preservation Act.”
To prevent federal infringement on the right to keep and bear arms; nullifying all federal acts in violation of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.
SECTION 1 The legislature of the State of ____________ finds that:
A. The 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States reads as follows, “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”
B. All federal acts, laws, orders, rules or regulations regarding firearms are a violation of the 2nd Amendment
A. The Legislature of the State of _______________ declares that all federal acts, laws, orders, rules, regulations – past, present or future – in violation of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States are not authorized by the Constitution of the United States and violate its true meaning and intent as given by the Founders and Ratifiers, and are hereby declared to be invalid in this state, shall not be recognized by this state, are specifically rejected by this state, and shall be considered null and void and of no effect in this state.
B. It shall be the duty of the legislature of this State to adopt and enact any and all measures as may be necessary to prevent the enforcement of any federal acts, laws, orders, rules, or regulations in violation of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.
A. This act takes effect upon approval by the Governor.

Hello, Thursday - We give you Mudd, Wonder Dawg...

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Solons to ponder TSA, NDAA nullification laws

This railroad car shop at Beech Grove, In., is one of 800 FEMA relocation camps that are ready to receive prisoners. (click here to hear a tone poem on the subject)
An Exclusive Report by -
The Stinking Badges

Austin – Tenth Amendment remedies for oppressive federal law will come into play in the upcoming session of the Texas Legislature.
Lawmakers will get a chance to nullify two hotly contested federal laws that restrict peoples' civil rights in the name of public safety when they convene in January.
Click here for the minority report
For the second time, the travel freedoms of folks catching a plane in the Lone Star State will come under the scrutiny of the eyes of Texas.
The Texas Travel Freedom Act, House Bill 80, would make it a criminal act to do pat down searches on those who opt out of body scans at airports. Under the provisions of Rep. David Simpson's legislation, TSA agents who touch “the anus, breast, buttocks, or sexual organ of the other person, including touching through clothing” without probable cause would be subject to criminal charges. Mr. Simpson is a Republican lawmaker from Longwood.
The practice of separating children from their parents during pre-flight examinations would also make a TSA agent subject to criminal charges, according to the proposed act.
Said Tenth Amendment Center Communications Director Mike Maharrey, “If you walk up to somebody and grab their crotch out on the street, it will land you in jail. Blue uniforms and federal badges don't grant some goon the power to sexually assault you, or at least they shouldn't. A person doesn't forfeit her or his personal dignity or Fourth Amendment protections with the purchase of an airline ticket.”
House Bill 149, pre-filed by Rep. Lyle Larson (R-San Antonio), would make it a crime to indefinitely detain people in Texas, as authorized by the National Defense Authorization Act.
“It is the policy of this state to refuse to provide material support for or to participate in any way with the implementation within this state of Sections 1021 and 1022 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 (Pub. L. No. 112-81). Any act to enforce or attempt to enforce those laws is in violation of this subchapter.”
Under the two sections cited, federal authorities may arrest and detain without charges, the benefit of legal counsel or reasonable bail anyone who is suspected of terroristic activity. The entire nation is considered a war zone, and people detained under any such suspicions are to be adjudicated under military law by military tribunals without the protections of the Bill of Rights.
Michael Boldin of The Tenth Amendment Center explained the proposed new Texas law this way.
“With four more years of the man who not only signed 'federal kidnapping' into law, but has vigorously defended it in court, there is absolutely zero chance for repeal in Washington, D.C. Our last hope is to stand up and nullify. While Representative Larson will likely be derided by the establishment, if you live in Texas, he deserves your praise. And other state legislators need to follow suit. When enough states stand up and say, 'No!' to unconstitutional federal acts, there's not much that Obama and his gang can do about it. The Constitution and your liberty will win.”
In both cases, the preservation of human dignity and the guarantee of freedom from unreasonable search and seizure under the terms of the Fourth Amendment, and the right to know the charges for which one is detained, to confront witnesses against one self, to have access to legal counsel, to have an opportunity for bail, and to be free from being compelled to making statements that might lead to self incrimination, the Tenth Amendment spokesmen cited the writings of Thomas Jefferson in response to the Alien and Sedition Acts.
In the Kentucky Resolution of 1798, Mr. Jefferson declared the Tenth Amendment “the rightful remedy” to any federal law or action that oversteps the restrictions of constitutional boundaries.
“The several States composing, the United States of America, are not united on the principle of unlimited submission to their general government; but that, by a compact under the style and title of a Constitution for the United Sates, and of amendments thereto, they constituted a general government for special purposes – delegated to that government certain definite powers, reserving, each State to itself, the residuary mass of right to their own self-government; and that whensoever the general government assumes undelegated powers, its acts are unauthoritative, void, and of no force.”
Hear a podcast on nullification of federal gun laws in favor of a strict construction of the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution:

Sandy Hook survivor to teachers: Keep door locked

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Solar eclipse last February proves - NASA has $ to burn

We don’t know what we don’t know. - Darrell Young, master photographer
Here, Ho-Jon, this book has a lot of pictures in it. - MASH, 1969
(click here for the minority report)
(click here for the good news, son...)

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"God rest ye merry, Gentlemen..." - Christmas, 2012

Black Christmas - with lots of background noise
Click on image for a larger, noisier view

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By the time we made it up to Greasy Lake...

The most dangerous weapon of all? Why, that saxophone -

Saturday, December 22, 2012

'Official' Newtown account waves a false flag

...Yet it took the senselessness of Sandy Hook to reignite the long-dormant debate on gun control. President Barack Obama has promised to present new firearms proposals to Congress in January. (Senator) Feinstein will introduce a bill that would re-enact an updated version of the federal assault weapons ban, which lapsed in 2004, in the effort to curb military-style guns like the .223-caliber semi-automatic rifle used in Newtown. Such legislation is a tough sell in a nation clearly enamored with guns... - quote from a San Francisco Bay Area newspaper 

Sandy Hook School - Accounts of a “lone nut” gunman killing 20 little kids and 8 teachers with an assault weapon just don't add up.

On the one hand, they told us all that there was a .223 Bushmaster AR-15 involved, but it was left in the car. That turned out to be a shotgun, after all.

Then, there is the account that has the school's principal telling cops and reporters about a gunman shooting up the place, a series of reports that just went “on and on.”

Problem. She was also found dead at the scene of the shooting. A dead woman delivers a dramatic account of a shooting that just went on and on?

There are a couple of stories about men in cammies, found in the woods. One story has it there was one, another says there were two.

The 911 tape differs with the official version of how events unfolded.

Critical thinkers are starting to publish highly skeptical reactions to what is turning into a series of tall tales that rival the Kennedy assassination, the capture of James Earl Ray, and the 9/11 attacks – all rolled into one. Clearly, the “truthers” will have this one to kick around for a long time to come.

Here's a sampler:(click here to read a take-out on the matter)

- The Legendary

...Was the massacre at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, a psy-op, using what amounts to a ‘death squad’ and a carefully planned mission to terrorise people on behalf of the government, in combination with perception management to shape the narrative and vector the emotional fallout?

Gun control isn’t really the issue here. Control – period – is the issue. The U.S. government would long since have taken measures, quietly, to limit the supply of weapons, the 2nd Amendment of the constitution be damned (it’s “just a goddamned piece of paper(click), remember?), if it was really concerned with limiting civilian access to weapons. That we’ve seen gun sales increase in the last few days to the point where Wal-Mart is all out of assault rifles(click) is wholly unsurprising.

The psychopaths in power have absolutely no compunction about using state terrorism...

Guns for Groceries, for Cash? Keep Austin weird...

Somewhere in Ostentatious...

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This is a printing office! Bastion of liberty...etc., etc.

Yesterday's Tragedy 
Tombstone Daily Epitaph 
October 27, 1881 

Three Men Hurled into Eternity in the Duration of a moment 

 Stormy as were the early days of Tombstone nothing ever occurred equal to the event of yesterday...

Gun marketing program to counterattack at 9:45 a.m.

Click on image for a larger view
Somewhere in Cyberspace – The marketing department has a point.

Since 1968, gun ownership has doubled, while murders committed by gunmen have diminished by half, according to a Congressional Research Service study.

That will be the central focus and talking point for the gun lobby's counterattack to a media onslaught calling for tighter gun control and a ban on assault rifles.

The countering advocacy for gun ownership will air on the National Rifle Association's four websites in live streaming at 10:45 a.m. Eastern time, 9:45 Central.

The gun lobby has waited a decent interval since the tragic mass murders committed on Friday at Newtown, Connecticut. The NRA, Gun Owners of America, and other gun ownership advocacy lobbies have maintained a respectful silence.

Today, the worm turns.

Catch Wayne LaPierre and company live on:
NRA Facebook
NRA News Facebook

The figures are impressive, to say the least. According to a report written for Congressmen, the estimated murder rate peaked in 1974 at 9.8 victims per 100,000, and again in 1980 at 9.8 – 9.5 in 1993.

Firearms related murders for the same periods were 6.6 per 100,000 in 1974; 6.4 in 1980; 6.5 in 1991. Starting in 1993, the rate decreased dramatically to a low of 5.5 per 100,000 in population in the year 2000, and leveled off in the years 2010 and 2011.
Similarly, youth killings with guns dropped from 1,975 in 1993 to 887 in 2009.

Gun ownership in 1968 was one for every two people in the nation.

Today, it is roughly one per person – double the 1968 figure.

The NRA reported earlier in the month that membership applications are up across the board by a large percentage, and gun manufacturers are reporting solid growth statistics and sales figures.

Certainly, the tragic attack on the elementary school kids in Connecticut has had no effect on gun sales. According to national news reports, gun sales since Friday have been “astronomical.”

According to Karl Durkheimer, an owner of a gun store in Portland, Oregon, “We have customers coming in who are worried for their personal safety. There is no question that sales are leated...” Mr. Durkeimer, who owns Northwest Armory, attributed a large part of accelerated gun sales to President Obama's emotional response and his vow to take assault weapons out of the hands of the public and all firearms out of the hands of persons with a history of mental difficulties.

The Congressional Research Service report on proposed legislation for the 112th Congress includes background information on such issues as high capacity magazine feed mechanism, classification of assault, machine, fully automatic and semiautomatic weapons, and mental competency issues for veterans or any others adjudicated mentally disturbed to the point of incompetence.

“Interestingly, the Veterans Medical Administration has not submitted any disqualifying records on VA medical care recipients to the FBI for inclusion in NICS for any medical/psychiatric reason (like PTSD)” the report concludes. It is noted that in cases where legal authorities have ordered a veteran to an involuntary commitment at a VA facility, it is left up to the states to inform the FBI of the issue of mental incompetency, “if legally appropriate.”

Similarly, the report details the state of proposed legislation and the federal regulations regarding what records will be released to the FBI under the terms of the Affordable Health Care Act of 2010.

One may read the entire report by clicking here:

Roadside cavity search prompted by odor of pot smoke

So, we're going to bargain away our civil liberties over a class of weapons that doesn't even figure all that heavily in any of our crime statistics? Yeah, that makes perfect sense. - comment on the NRA News Facebook site

Irving - Two women have filed a complaint in federal court over a roadside body cavity search of their rectal and genital areas after a Texas DPS trooper said he smelled marijuana smoke in the car.

The Trooper's dash camera captured the search, which was conducted in public, in plain sight of passing traffic, by a female trooper named Kelley Helleson, who, the video shows, used the same latex glove to probe the women's rectums and vaginas.

The search took place on July 13 after a male trooper alleged he saw the women toss a couple of cigarette butts out on the side of the road, an act for which he wrote the driver a citation for littering a public roadway. He is overheard saying that picking up litter on the side of highways is a very hazardous task.

He is also heard on the tape alleging he smells marijuana smoke. The women admitted they had been smoking, but did not admit if the smoking material was marijuana. 

The matter is under investigation by the Public Integrity Unit of the Dallas County District Attorney's Office, and will be presented to the Grand Jury during its January term, according to published reports.

One may view the dashcam video, which was obtained by "The Dallas Morning News," by clicking on this website. (click here to go there)

Get ready for the Tesla Guitar Suit, for the picker who has everything - and we mean everything - RADICAL!

A little traveling music for the end of the world blues

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Going Galt – Who is Sam Renfro?

This is represented as a picture of Sam Renfro
This is an example of the type of rhetoric floating around the internet at this time.

- The Legendary

My friends and loyal Americans. I have waited for 3 days for conformation of this before posting it on "FaceBook".

On Monday the powers that be in Washington notified some agencies within "DHS" that within 6 weeks there would be legislation passed that would require "ALL AR and AK" owners to turn in their weapons to be fitted with magazines like those in California but that would hold only 5 rounds.

Once this is done other magazines would not work. THE USE of any larger magazines would be prohibited by law. This law will then be used by a Federal Judge to expand "THE LAW" to "ALL MAGAZINE FED FIREARMS". This gives the Feds a list of all owners and they would have your (ASSAULT- LOL)weapons in their possession. This is a clever way to take a large percentage of "WE the PEOPLE's" guns away.

This is not a tin foil hat posting. It is true.

Now I will add my own gut feeling that hasn't failed me not once in the last--- 50 years.

The media is hitting us 24/7 with talking points about assault weapons and mental health. Veterans health records have long been in the hands of the FEDS. Now with obamacare ALL Americans records will be in their hands.

"ANYONE" who has ever taken a drug related to mental health or nerves will be stripped of their Second Amendment Rights and if you have turned in your magazine fed weapon in for the magazine conversion they will know where to come to get your other weapons.

This posting is not a joke and if I disappear from facebook may GOD be with you. Share this if you think "WE the PEOPLE" are still heard in our Congress and Senate.

Only the Voice of the people can stop this.

- Sam Renfro

Repeat after me: Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingom come; Thy will be done, on Earth, as it is in Heaven. Give us this day, our daily bread, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, for Thine is the Kingdom, and the Power, and the Glory, forever. Amen

Uncle Sam and "The queen of Madison Avenue..."

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

And it's all over now, baby blue...

The women of Texas are working overtime with school officials, police officers, emergency medical providers, city and state officials - and anyone else who will help them protect their children from war - a war fought on their home territory. (click here if you can handle the truth)
The children of Iraq receiving back packs from the U.S. Government

Indefinite detention ban loses traction - still the law

Senator Diane Feinstein, D-CA, former Mayor of San Francisco
WASHINGTON -- Congress stripped a provision Tuesday from a defense bill that aimed to shield Americans from the possibility of being imprisoned indefinitely without trial by the military. The provision was replaced with a passage that appears to give citizens little protection from indefinite detention.

The amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act of 2013 was added by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), but there was no similar language in the version of the bill that passed the House, and it was dumped from the final bill released Tuesday after a conference committee from both chambers worked out a unified measure.
Sinclair Lewis, newsman, novelist, Grub Street journalist
It declared that "An authorization to use military force, a declaration of war, or any similar authority shall not authorize the detention without charge or trial of a citizen or lawful permanent resident of the United States apprehended in the United States, unless an Act of Congress expressly authorizes such detention." - stolen fair and square from "The Huffington Post"

Click here for a previous report on the polarization of America on core issues - Democrat v. Republican
This space is dedicated to the memory of Mr. Sinclair Lewis of Sauke Center, MN, author of Arrowsmith, Elmer Gantry, Babbit, and the more obscure, lesser known novel depicting a fascist takeover of America, It Can't Happen Here. Said Mr. Lewis, "When fascism comes to America, it will be carrying a cross, wrapped in the American flag."

Nation mobilizes, her children tread a battlefield

War of terror comes to the classrooms
Click image for a larger view

Somewhere on the Old Chisholm Trail – Set this in war type, Chief. It's wall to wall and tree top tall, coming at you in the present tense - in stereo. 

The Chinese restaurant is located in an old filling station hard by the Santa Fe tracks in a natural stone building that also housed an “emporium,” back in the Victorian day, when merchandise and communications rode the rails, roads were graveled, tires were skinny.

Just downhill, the river with its bare sticks poking a perfectly blue sky darkening for a dramatic crescent moonrise, the weather crystal clear following rains that laid the hazy dust of months of drought.

Blue plate special. Great Wall, hot and spicy Hunan cuisine, Mandarin spoken here. First rate, and the price is right – with mysterious pepper smells wafting on steam-laden puffs of airborne flavor that makes the sweat pop out of an occidental forehead.

The big screen in the corner is always tuned to the kind of talk television that sports facts, figures, business iotas and factoids. In the corner, two elementary age kids fresh from China operate computers, do arithmetic, spell each others' vocabulary lessons.

On this evening, a young family comes in for supper after a long and hectic day, the father wearing a police uniform, the mother carrying one baby on her hip, ushering a little boy and a tow-headed toddler in her wake.

The Chinese kids and the white kids ignore each other, but all is well when the mother sends her little boy to get change and the Asian boy alights from his chair at the table, goes briskly behind the counter, and stands on tiptoes to open the register, pluck the bills out of the drawer, and gives it the old boarding house stretch to count the Federal Reserve notes into the other kid's palm with utter competence, complete commercial savvy.

He is often to be seen checking his work on a calculator with an abacus, peering through enlarged spectacles, making laborious notes with a pencil. His sister draws, doodles, dreams wide awake while reading book after book after book at their special corner table with its gooseneck lamps and orderly placements of school supplies.

Iraqi children receiving backpacks from U.S. Government
As the scribbler awaits his platter of shrimp and pork-fried rice, the toddler suddenly appears at his elbow wearing his brother's back pack, comes to a cadenced halt, and turns to say, proudly, “Ba-pack!”

Yes! Indeed! “Are you going to school?”

He nods.

The young mother hovers, anxious – grinning with embarrassment. Obviously, this two-year-old has the gift of gab, garralous habits – a true handful.

He nods, proudly. So, the scibbler does a quick inspection of its many pockets, zipper compartments and buckles, straps, says, “Oh, I see! In here, you put your books, there is where you computer will be, and where to you put your phone?”

The little one looks quizzical, glances at his mama.

“He thinks he's big enough to go to school!” She gushes, holds out her arms, and he climbs aboard.

As they leave, the scribbler calls out, “Got to take your phone with you in case something goes wrong; you can call Mommie!”

The little one nods, adopts the facial expression of a sage, grins, smooches his mother while she orders for the family at the counter. And then his little mouth forms a perfect circle, he yawns, and puts his head on mommie's shouder, staring with wide-open eyes, guileless.

Just then, the school-age boy strolls by with a cell phone in his hand. He holds it at arm's length, at eye level, making a show of checking its buttons and controls, joins his mother and brother and takes the traditional position just behind his mother's hip, looking back furtively at the scribbler.

“We had a long conversation about all that this morning,” the young mother says. She peals laughter, smiles with a true radiance that says all is right with the world, and welcome aboard, mister.

It's a moment, the kind that comes to a saturnine grandpappy late in life, a little old white-headed man with a fat face riding over an enormous belly and sloping shoulders – a time to shine, to talk to the little ones while he waits for his supper, pressed into service as an impromptu Santa performing the obligatory rite of the display of presents – early presents, this year, in a tide of vicious war.

Sure enough, it's on the internet, a memo from Attorney General Greg Abbott detailing the few school districts in the state's array of thousands, 34 school districts in rural locations that do not have a comprehensive emergency plan to follow in case terrorists attack their campuses. There are contingencies, coordinators, updates, transportation plans, hospital and emergency services routes. It's all very complete. It's all very chilling, but it's all very complete.

Ain't no iguanas - photo by Graciela Iturbide
As it happens, the police officer, the father of this brood, has been busy all day; the schools have been reviewing their plans; the kids have been going through orientation, and the deal hereabouts, done to perfection.

The war of terror is afoot on new territory, the jihad, always present, now aimed at the most vulnerable of all, the target our most precious possessions of all – our children and grandchildren.

The problem? Greed. The end game: greed is good - come home to roost, and the titans fussing about currencies, exchange and interest rates. It's not just coincidental, not by a long shot.

One shudders, chilled by the fact that the people in control, the ones with that all-important quality of wealth so lauded by the mythical big screen movie character Gordon Gecko – “We're talking liquidity, here, bud, real liquidity” – cannot possibly spend it all in their lifetimes, nor in any number of lifetimes.

Here is a sampler of internet sites and topics the mainstream media is not carrying, in case you're not worried enough already.