Monday, April 13, 2009

Boogie staccato downtown city boogie

Believe in me cause I don't believe in anything
and I want to be someone to believe, to believe, to believe.
Me and Mister Jones stare into the future
tell each other fairy tales
stare at all the beautiful women...

Me and Mister Jones go stormin' through the barrio...
Me and Mister Jones, we're gonna be big, big stars.
We both have different reasons for that.- Counting Crows


I have been here before in a thousand conversations from the American nightmare standing on the corner after the rain arguing about the wine, the women, the music, listening to the taxis and buses and the wheels of the cars making sounds like frying bacon on the wet pavement as a cop on a Harley comes by and shouts "Get off th' fuckin' corner, wino motherfuckers!" Yeah, I have been here before, oh, my brothers, and you know it, you know it as well as you know your own names or the faces of your women and children.

So don't try to bullshit me because I am The Legendary and I'm going to live forever and I want to make it to Heaven and see my mama again, you know.

You know.

Fuckers know what I mean.

So, what are you going to do? Just give it away?

Without a fight? Without saying a goddam thing about it, just stand there and let them take it like a baby with a big dick just dying to lose?


I don't think so. I know y'all better than that.

I'm gonna hit the highway, the highway they call highway 49.
I'm gonna hit the highway, the highway they call highway 49.
I'm gonna stop off at the liquor sto'
and get me a bottle of that motherfuckin' wine.

Dig. I got my used horsehide leather jacket out of a Columbus Avenue store front owned by some dykes in North Beach in 1966 when I was just a kid, a teenager on a coast to coast boogie siphoning gasoline and stealing cartons of cigarettes with a mean look on my face in supermarkets and other roadside attractions.

So get over it. I did.

Got over it a long time ago.

The Legendary

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