Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cargill's Confirms 44 laid off at area turkey farms

A Cargill's corporate official confirmed that 44 people
have been laid off at "company owned" turkey farms in the
Waco area.

Mark Klein, Director of Communications at the corporation's
headquarters in Minneapolis, said 730 employees are still
employed at the Waco locations, including the processing
plant and feed mill.

Numerous Hispanic people had claimed an estimated 60 people
had been laid off recently.

Sixty jobs in this country is a hefty number of jobs.

Those who were laid off say "los guajolotes" were loaded on
trucks and shipped away. They say that the farms have been
closed down and they have been laid off.

Managers at the Cargill's plant in Waco were quick to say
they cannot comment. A manager who supervises the turkey
farms located in the Bosque area was unavailable for
comment. A man who answered the local Cargill's phone
number said he is unauthorized to make any statement

Ms. Lindsay Wright, an employee in Cargill's Human Resources
Department at Waco offered to direct any inquiries to
management, but stopped short of confirming that many people
have been let go and the farms shut down.

A human resources specialist at Texas Work Force said that
many people have been laid
off from agribusiness jobs in the past few days. That
source refused to be identified or quoted for attribution.

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