Sunday, February 3, 2013

Witnesses describe shooter's tense escape from cops

Chief Chris Kyle, SEAL/Sniper
Midlothian – A team of police officers nearly surrounded Eddie Routh, the 25-year-old Marine Corporal who is charged with the capital murder of Chief Chris Kyle and Chat Littlefield, as he pulled into his driveway in a truck he stole from one of the two victims following the shooting.
Chad Littlefield

The pair took him shooting at Rough Creek Resort and Conference Center in an effort to ease his suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, lawmen and news reporters learned from a neighbor, after his mother Jodi Leigh Routh reached out to Chief Kyle for help.

Eddie Routh, former Marine Corporal
A visitor to the gun range found their lifeless bodies about 5:30 p.m.

The sprawling 11,000-acre complex is located about 5 miles west of Glen Rose, and is the site of numerous gun sporting events to benefit wounded veterans.

Chief Kyle, president and founder of the tactical weapons training organization Craft International, also operated a charitble foundation to benefit wounded warriors named FITCO. Reached for comment, an anonymous spokesman for the resort complex said, “I think it was just a private thing, just the three of them getting together to do some shooting.”

Chief Kyle and Mr. Littlefield, 35, were fellow soccer parents and neighbors. The highly decorated SEAL had been decorated with the Silver Star, numerous Bronze Stars and Navy and Marine Corps Commendations.

As the desperate accused killer pulled into the driveway of his mother's home at Midlothian, none of the officers who surrounded the large 4-wheel drive F-150 Ford covered in Rhino armor and emblazoned with the Craft corporate logo made a move to detain him. A female officer armed with a shotgun made no attempt to put him in detention.

They speculated that a semiautomatic handgun they found at the house may have been the murder weapon used to shoot his victims.

Lawmen later apprehended him at about 9 p.m. near his home in Lancaster when they placed spike strips across the road to flatten the truck's tires. A magistrate set his bond at $3 million following his arraignment for two counts of capital murder.

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