Sunday, May 4, 2014

Burglary charge nets a life term

Clock watching a 'big bitch' jury selection
Hillsboro - When the 80-person venire heard that burglary of a habitation carries a possible sentence of two to twenty years or life, five to 99 years or life, or 25 to 99 years or life and a possible $10,000 fine, they did not yet know that they would be hearing a case in which the accused had three previous convictions for the same offense.

But something clicked. They began to think as a group, and it showed when the assistant prosecutor asked each one, individually, if they think prisons are built and operated to rehabilitate, or to punish offenders. Only 12 out of the 80 said rehabilitation is a consideration, but it's not much count, if there are prior offenses, said one of them, and then each one that spoke about the notion of punishment or rehabilitation after that echoed the same sentiment. Rehabilitation is plumb off the table when it comes to multiple offenses…

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