Friday, December 11, 2009


I have seen every sunrise of my life through the mouth of
the cave.

My people have been here since before anyone can remember.
At some point in the past, the people from below and above
began to accuse us of being witches. I would not know
because this is all I have ever known. I have only heard
talk from those who have gone away and returned.

The Morning Star appears promptly and proves that the world
is turning. We mark the seasons by its alignment with the
ceiling of the mouth of the cave. As soon as a hunter is
able to do this, he is ready to join a war party and go in
pursuit of game. I have made six summers now since coming
of age. Four new warriors have joined my troupe during the
last two summers. I have two women. The chief gave me one of
his daughters and I took the second one away from a fool
whom we banished to the canyons.

We live in the third house from the entrance where we make
bow strings from the sinew of antelope and deer.

When the Morning Star comes tomorrow, we will go on the hunt
for our enemy. A scout returned to tell us where he had
seen them and their number.

We have purified ourselves in the sweat bath and consulted
the holy weed. Now, we wait for the time to be on our way.
When the Morning Star speaks to us, we will depart and lay a
trap for our enemy.

It is good.

When the Morning Star has faded today, I will learn if my medicine is strong.

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