Tuesday, December 1, 2009

This time I'm not afraid of what might be coming...

Virginia Lee is from the South. She lives in Memphis and takes care of her mama and she's up for a job in the music business - blues music. She had the jitters under the moon last night and wrote some things that struck chords way down deep in my soul. - Legendary Jim

Virginia Lee wrote:
...This thing about not knowing what is going to happen next? I've been living that way a very long time. There's a difference with this, however. This time I'm not afraid of what might be coming...And Roy? You, sir, are a goob.

The Legendary wrote to her about Beale Street:

There is a quality of light, the way a girl smiles, the hooting of a whistle, the clanging of a bell through the fog or the way leaves on a tree are reflected in shadows on a brick wall seen through an open window in the gusting wind that gives me a flavor, a feeling, a fleeting sensation of the blues.

Blue blues,
c'est bleu en bleu

He met me on the sidewalk, right on cue:

"See that little house, man?"


"That little house over there? Man, that's where W.C. Handy stay."


"Yeah, man, he wrote 'I hate to see that evenin' sun go down.' Dig?"


"You know why he hate to see that evenin' sun go down?"


He regarded me with mock wonder, an expression of total disbelief.

"Cause he be sleepin' on a park bench like I be sleepin' on a park bench, man!"


"Man, is you a fool from Liverpool?"


"A square from Delaware?"

"Yo, man, I..."

"Come on, man, let me show you..."

We started down Beale Street together, the tourists parting before us like the Red Sea, as if Pharaoh's chariots were in pursuit.

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