Saturday, February 27, 2010

Candidates React With Alarm At BRA Decision

Turning down public inspection of Possum Kingdom
Power House Leads to Suspicion, Disbelief

Two Republican Party Primary candidates fighting for the
opportunity to compete in the General Election offered sharp
criticism of a Brazos River Authority decision to disallow
public inspection of the hydroelectric generating station at
Possum Kingdom.

"Major attention has to be given to the facility to prevent
sabotage if the unit is operable," said Darren Yancy, a
Burleson real estate and insurance broker who is involved in
investment banking for venture capitalist acquiring interest
in development of renewable energy sources.

A candidate for State Senatorial District 22, he placed
press releases on all TEA Party and political club websites
in the district, voicing his concerns.

"I am pushing for an inspection ASAP and will let you know
when it happens."

Mr. Yancy included internet links to pertinent public
documents gleaned from the Texas Bond Review Board and the
Federal Electrical Regulatory Commission in his statements.

Dr. Dave McIntyre, a candidate for U.S. House of
Representatives running against five others in the
Republican Primary for the right to oppose Democrat Chet
Edwards in the November 2 General Election, was even
stronger in his disapproval and suspicion of BRA's policy of
not allowing public inspection of the hydroelectric power
station at the Morris Sheppard Dam.

"Short answer is that I have been concerned for years about
officials using 'homeland security' as a cover to prevent
legitimate investigation into their illegitimate activities.
It is happening everywhere," he said in a prepared

"That fact is itself a story - but hard to write - hard to
write about what you are not allowed to know about - and
that is the rub."

A retired U.S. Army Colonel with 30 years of service, Dr.
McIntyre earned a doctoral degree in Political Science at
the University of Maryland during 22 years of staff duty. A
specialist in homeland security. He was the Dean of
Instructors at the National War College and served on the
staff of the Army's Office of the Chief of Staff.

Following his retirement, he worked for a think tank, then
relocated to Texas A&M University where he headed up a
doctoral program in Homeland Security.

In his statement, Mr. Yancy elaborated, saying, "If you are
wondering how this impacts you, it surrounds the
availability of electricity and water. Twenty-four megawatts
was removed from the electric grid of Texas in 2007. There
is a high chance your electic rates are more now than they
were before.

"With the pubic documnents on this issue, a public
inspection...must be (done) to get the actual answers to
what has happened. I have made my initial request to have
an inspection and it has been rejected. It will take the
voice of many to have the pubic process done. I hope you
will join me in demanding a public inspection of this

He added that "All related documentation, including bond
issuances and certified financials showing the state of
Texas is paying debt service on the bones, is at the
following link:

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