Monday, February 22, 2010

How To Take Back Your Country In Six Easy Steps

It won't cost you anything and you'll be surprised how
little time it really takes to make some big changes

By Janet Jackson
Training and Development Dir.
GOP Is For

Step One - VOTE!

If you don't do this, none of the other steps that follow
will be possible because they all require you to prove that
you voted in the primary election. But your vote alone
won't guarantee that any real changes will take place.

You've got to get involved.

Here's how.

Step Two - Attend the Precinct Convention.

It will take place 30 minutes after the polls close on
Tuesday, March 2.

No matter if you voted in person on election day, cast your
ballot early at the courthouse, or voted absentee, your name
will be on a list of those whose vote qualified them to
attend the Precinct Convention.

The Election Judge will have the names of all who voted in
the Primary election. The Election Judge and his staff have
a large manila envelope with all the information necessary
to hold the convention inside it. As soon as the convention
is opened, he and his fellow staff members can go about
their business.

There will be nominations for a Precinct Chairman, Vice
Chairman and Sergeant at Arms. Candidates will be elected by
a majority.

Step Three - Nominate delegates to the County Convention.

Voters who cast ballots in the Primary may be delegated to
the County Convention, to be held on Saturday morning, March
20. Nominations will conform to Robert's Rules of Order and
require a majority vote for delegation.

Those who voted, but for one reason or the other cannot
attend the Precinct Convention, may be nominated as
delegates to the County Convention.

Step Four - Attend the County Convention on Saturday
morning, March 20.

The main business to be settled there will be to select
delegates and alternate delegates to the State Convention,
which will be held at the Dallas Convention Center on June
11 and 12.

Step Five - Attend the State Republican Convention.

There the delegates will cast in nomination the names of
those candidates who won their primary elections to oppose
the other party's candidates in the General Election.

Even more important, there will be a State Senatorial
District Caucus in which the members of the State Republican
Executive Committee will be chosen - one man and one woman
from each of 31 Texas State Senatorial Districts - a total
of 62 "committeemen."

These officials make key decisions about how the Republican
Party of Texas will conduct its business, spend your money
and select candidates in the future when announced
candidates have changed their minds and refuse to run if

In the counties that are split by the boundaries of the
Senatorial District, there will be a Senatorial District
Convention, to be announced after the Primary Election.

Step Six - Vote In The General Election on November 2 to
elect a Governor, State Legislators, County Officials, U.S.
Senators and Representatives.

Your vote counts. Unless you cast that vote, you don't

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