Monday, August 19, 2013

Jurors hear stipulated definition of jihad

Ft. Hood – Both defense and prosecution stipulated to the true definition of jihad today in the trial of Nidal Malik Hasan.

The purpose of holy war - jihad – is to combat the enemies of Islam in four ways.

In the heart;
By the tongue;
By the hand;
By the sword.

Those who remain faithful through the religious wars are assured of a place in paradise, as well as a special status, the jurors heard.

According to the testimony of FBI Special Agent Charles Cox, the computer Hasan consulted just prior to his deadly assault on Nov. 5, 2009, contained literature exhorting the faithful to face the enemy and not retreat.

Jurors also heard the testimony of a evidence expert who identified batteries Hasan bought for two laser sights he used on the FN Herstal 5.7 mm x 28 mm semiauto pistol, green and red.

As the prosecutor handed the weapons to the court reporter after they had been entered into evidence, he inadvertently pressed the button on one of the laser sights.

Major Hasan made mention of that, saying “Your honor, to your left on the wall, the laser made a pattern on the wall.”

Col. Tara Osborn denied it had happened.

“Your assertion is incorrect,” said Hasan.

“That may have in fact occurred,” she said. “In the future, let's have the bailiff handle the weapon so we don't have that happen.”

Jurors also heard from a firearms and tool mark expert who testified that the empty shell casings recovered that were fired from Hasan's gun and the two guns wielded by the police officers who responded were consistent with the patterns made by test cartridges fired from them.

Finally, Staff Sgt. Juan Carlos Alvarado testified about how he left his duty station in a temporary compartment behind the Soldier Readiness Program building to take three of his friends to Darnall Army Hospital when a soldeir covered in blood ran in front of his pickup, screaming that there was a man with a gun, shooting people.

He described how he saw Hasan confront two civilian police officers who fired back at him until he was cut down by the fire returned by Officer Mark Todd. 

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