Monday, October 21, 2013

Shauri is Swahili for a situation with which you must deal

Washington, D.C. - Ask any Masai warrior from l'Cote D'ivoir, and he will tell you that a shauri is something which you either did or did not cause, but with which you must deal – or else.

This seeming shibboleth paled when contrasted with the President's ready answer to newsmen that there is “no excuse” as to why the computer screens freeze and the system just will not accommodate the needs of people who clamor to sign up for the health care benefits law the GOP so opposes.

AP reporters supplied their analysis by saying, “But he said, 'it's time for folks to stop rooting for its failure.'

In an ironic twist, the problems with the health care rollout were overshadowed at first by Republican efforts to delay or defund the law in exchange for reopening the government during the 16-day shutdown. The bill that eventually reopened the government included no substantive changes to the health care law.

With the shutdown over, GOP lawmakers have been ramping up their criticism of the health care law's troubles...”

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