Monday, October 7, 2013

You got it? It came on a truck - at least part way

Truckers' shutdown termed 'unstoppable'

Gilberton, Schuylkill County, PA - This town has been described as "about the size of two Wal-Mart parking lots."

It's nestled in the steep mountain crevices of the coal mining region of the east coast's newest fracking oil and gs field, the massive Marcellus Shale formation, located between the intersections of Interstate 81 and I-80, and Interstate 81 and I-78, two of the major east-west routes to New York and Philadelphia.

Activists have declared it the site of "the last peaceful defensive stand in a war that has been declared by Wall Street, Washington, and the White House upon the American people..."

It's all about the Second Amendment, according to former Gilberton Chief of Police Mrk Kessler, who has made YouTube videos depicting himself blurting unprintable expletives while spewing hundreds upon hundreds of rounds from fully automatic assault rifles and converted semi-auto pistols.

That got the Mayor and the Town Council's attention.

They fired him for it in late September following a long and publicity-ridden wrangle.

It's here that the newly-fired police chief, an intensely angry man with a shaved head, who in 2011 reportedly shot himself in the hand with his own sidearm during an off-duty visit to a tavern, has declared war on President Obama and "multimillionaire politicians." Organizers say they "have decided to furlough American workers for their personal and political gain."

Chief Kessler has summoned striking truckers to this city's Town Hall for a public hearing to be held on Thursday, October 1, where he and his supporters "fully expect numerous truckers to press their front bumpers against the front door of the town defend and support the U.S. Constitution against our domestic enemies."

There is a convergence of Tea Partiers, OathKeepers, Second Amendment and Open Carry activists, and other enthusiastic right wingers hovering over the steep valleys of the area.

All have a mission statement that includes an ardent, last ditch defense of the U.S. Constitution, "against all enemies, foreign or domestic."

This time, it's a Twitter Bomb campaign aimed at persuading 3,000 independent truckers to roll into inside-the-beltway Washington, D.C., to jam the seat of government's wide boulevards and expansive plazas during the weekend of October 11-13.

The District has long been considered an inner sanctum in wich truck traffic is ordinarily reserved for local delivery services, an area closed to the over-the-road traffic of Class 8 motor freight trucks, whose drivers deliver their freight at remote warehouses in suburban settings.

The activists' hashtag, #T2SDA, they claim, is going viral. There is a Facebook page with marathon talk radio programming at:

There is also a website, which may be found at this URL:

Here's a sample of what the rhetoric regarding the appeal to truckers who may choose to create bother in the District of Columbia is all about:

"Legislators are now threatening that if the American people do not raise the debt ceiling and pay the Banksters trillions more, that the financial system will collapse - we the people consider this financial terrorism and will not let them get away with it any more. Every single American, regardless of their race, creed, color, sexual orientation or political persuasion now knows that there has never been a bailout or crisis in the entire world which has been solved by more debt. Greece and the USA are the models of disaster we can all reference when determining whether to follow the advice of Wall Street and the Global Banking Crime syndicate - Greece, in fact, is the perfect example of what happens when the debt is so unbearable that a country must give up its land to the Banksters as collateral when countries can no longer pay their payments to the global banksters..."

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