Sunday, December 1, 2013

How it hit me, that long road to come, and the truth of it

I was in the basement of this building, one December weekend several years ago,  looking at an exhibit of how the displaced people who were shipped away and never heard from again were organized in the camps during the Holocaust.

Why the Grand Lodge of Texas has this museum exhibit only becomes clear when you stop to consider that many hundreds of thousands of Freemasons and suspected Freemasons lost their lives in those camps – based on an accusation or political denunciation by a neighbor, a former employer, a political rival.

They weren't alone. Jews, gypsies, criminals, mentally ill or mentally challenged persons - all met their fate by being worked to death, starved, or murdered as an act of what was seen as political expediency. 

And then it happened, one of those ugly incidents that can make a life take a radical turn, halt, accelerate, do loop-de-loops, or flutter like a panicked flying creature looking for the way out.

Out of nowhere and apropos nothing, this individual in a black cowboy hat strolled up and said, “None of this is true, don't you know, brother?”

Say what?

These exhibits. They aren't true. No one lost their lives in concentration camps. Never happened.”

News to me. That's when another guy walked up and said, “It's all a lie – a Zionist lie – and it's there to make you believe something that just isn't true.”

Hot, ain't it? That's pressure, the unpleasant kind that makes you sweat, blurs your vision, then sharpens it to an unbelievable acuity, brings your hearing into sharper focus and your senses hyper vigilant, and your mental awareness to a level beyond all reason. I didn't like it.

I walked away, but not before an entire series of images flashed through my mind – the takeover of a radio station on the Czechoslovakian border, the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, the fact that a vocal – and very loud mouth – minority was propagating the notion that 9/11 was an inside job...Oh, God. What else can you say? No one else can help.


In fact, terrifying, to be so confronted in a bastion of liberty like the Masonic Grand Lodge Temple in Waco, Texas.

Within weeks, the second man spoke to the gathering at large at a constituent lodge, saying “They ought to take a rifle and blow that _____'s head off. He was talking about the President of the United States of America. Are you aware of how many people lost their lives following the Kennedy assassination, people who heard something, something as nonsensical as that – just on the spur of a forgotten moment, and then it caught up with them? 

True story. Look it up.

Here's a whole series of 33 videos produced under the name of "dallasgoldbug" that allege that a lot of what has happened on the world scene in regards to terror, political instability, currency destabilization, is actually attributable to the leading families of the world's financial community – yeah, that community - acting in false flag events produced for video and the evening news in advance of actual events. The people who order the treasuries to print the currency, the treasuries to issue the bonds - the folks who clip the coupons, collect the interest, bank the dough, farm the taxes? The globalists? 

Unsettling, to say the least, but it's worth watching because it's happening in real time, and it's going forward now – today. History.

To be sure, it's all been debunked and thoroughly opposed. Like most disputes of this type, it's like walking into the middle of a long, drawn-out family argument, but there it is. One need only click on this link to hear a part of the opposition's rebuttal:

I've seen some major league crazy, but this takes the cake. 

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