Saturday, June 21, 2014

This IS the border fence...

Floyd Brashears checks out his video statement on militia objectives


Let me tell you about my border. There were two walls and a muddy mine field running down the center of a DMZ. At least, it was one place I could understand...” - Floyd Brashears

Carrizo Springs, Texas – Riding through the oil fields along muddy clay and sand haul roads, swampy, soupy rutted tracks traversed by giant rigs hauling fracturing pressure pumping equipment, tanks of mud, water, and acid, the closer you get to the border, the more prevalent become the high wire fences designed to keep deer in and people out, and the more frequent the appearance of corporate security gates manned by private guards.

There is no public access to miles upon miles of the rattlesnake and scorpion-infested, wild hog and thorny cactus-choked brush country that slopes down to the bed of the Rio Grande.

Looking around in wonder as motor route after motor route of county roads and Farm to Market roads to the river are blocked off by dead ends at multiple security gates that give no right of way in any direction, Floyd Brashears, the interim commander of coalition militias who is walking point in the build-up of citizen soldiers hell bent on guarding the border, says, “Border fence, nothin'. This IS the border fence!”

He gestures at the hostile landscape, gesticulating at the limp remains of two very large rattlesnakes flung into the muddy road by the driver of a spattered four-wheel drive pickup that passed in a hail of light brown droplets of soupy clay and sand.

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