Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Wetbacks as refugees

Columns of refugees streaming out of Mexico into border states like Texas makes it easy for drug cartels to insert advance guards, a Green Beret predicted in 2010. Reprinted from ‘The Legendary,’ May 21, 2010. The implications for terrorists to use the same tactic are startling.
Waco – It was one of those get-out-the-vote meetings, the kind of thing political operatives do at primary time – every time. But this year was different. It was the year 2010.
A seasoned special ops warrior who began his life in Mexico, became naturalized when his father flew airplanes in the World War Two-era Army Air Corps, then served as a Green Beret, operating in exile in Laos and Cambodia where Americans were not supposed to be found, briefed the rank and file.
The Sinaloa Cartel, the Gulf Cartel, and the Zetas “are creating waves of refugees into the U.S. that also carry the advance elements of these cartels into our country,” said Bert Hernandez, a reserve police officer and the general manager of a local Ford dealership.
He and other TEA Party operatives set up an insurgency inside the local Republican Party structure that rocked and shocked the old guard, delivered a solid turnout of Hispanic votes, a swing element where before, none had existed.
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