Sunday, July 20, 2014

Death by arrest warrant

Picture snapped moments after a deputy leaned over and shot Steven Thompson
 after repeatedly subjecting him to electroshock from a TASER gun.
Groesbeck, TX - Groesbeck, TX - Everyone who saw Deputy Billy Mack lean over from the waist and shoot Steven Thompson point blank through the lung where he lay on the ground after repeated convulsions caused by a TASER gun agrees the officer reacted to a violent confrontation. And though a Grand Jury met and returned no true bill of indictment, the question remains, was Thompson's death a result of suicide by cop, or was he murdered?

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  1. I've been wondering what was happening with this case?!?! I was worried that it might get "swept under the carpet" and low & behold I was right!!!!! This is a great depiction of Excessive Lethal Force by Limestone County Sheriffs Officer, Billy Mack. Our society has Rules for us to live by to help keep everyone safe. Officers are trained & equipped with weapons to help protect the public and themselves, while enforcing the Rules of our society. Officers are "Public Servents" - there to serve who???? The Public!!!
    BUT, what happens when an Officer decides to throw the PROCEDURE MANUAL out the window??? He then has taken matters into his own hands and thus become JUDGE & EXECUTIONER!!!! Cops are held at a higher degree of scrutiny when they "Brake the Rules" - why??? Well they were afforded a lot of training to de-escalate situations, what degree of force to use & when, and specific guidelines for enforcing those rules. Sherriffs Deputy Billy Mack ignored the proper procedures to initiate a "felony arrest warrant" !!!
    Not sure why he chose to do this by himself (he thinks he's a bad*ss). Or why after telling him he's being arrested & having him empty his pockets, did he not put the handcuffs on(he thinks he's above the "law"). And why would he attempt to walk an arestee through a very narrow walkway approx. 18 inches, go be or take (I don't think that's taught at the Academy). How can he teaser himself and then be able to teaser the arestee, when at the end of the 2 prongs are fish hooks(which means they get stuck in your skin). Earlier that morning he was visiting his girlfriend at jail - why not serve arrest warrant then(that's a secure area). If he thought he might be arrested - why would he go to his parents shop and work?? - wouldn't he run or arm himself, if suicide by police was what he wanted(because it was hot air). How is he gonna bite or go for your gun when he's being repeatedly tased???(Officer lied to save his own hide). There were 2 men that were suppose to have came to help the officer - they held the arestee down. Witnesses reported the cop raised up & shot him from above, while he was pinned down. (Autopsy - should of shown the trajectory of the bullet & the approx distance it was shot from. (Witness says he be my down to shoot him) Isn't that Smart??? (If you were trained as a cop I think you would have known to be close to the victim to shoot --- cause your gonna have to be in close corners to him for your lie to have any weight). The arestee had previous arrests - during one of these mom picked him up from jail to take to cancer adopts and returned him back to jail. I think that speaks very Highly of the Mothers Character & Trustworthyness!!!! The Mom & Dad had a contract for Wrecker Service with Limestone County Sheriff's Office!?!? Picture of the man's butt covered in arrestees blood - verifies that at least one of the bystanders, who helped, did have him pinned down - by sitting on him. (Mack must have thought the arestee was "The Hulk"). IT STANDS TO REASON THAT "if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck --- isn't it a duck???"