Friday, July 18, 2014

To replace the Grand Jury System

Piper Casper has "constituted" about half of Texas Counties to use Common-law Grand Juries
Waco - When a Limestone County Deputy killed a business owners' son on the grounds of their operation, two other held him down while he pulled the trigger on the boy - twice.

Grand Jurors never heard the couples' side of the story. They did not question eye witnesses who stood by in shock as the killing took place. When Texas Rangers did a follow-up investigation, they didm 't  talk to the witnesses, either.

Grand Jurors returned no true bill of indictment for what Groesbeck businessman Tom Maddux calls murder. He told a gathering of about 50 people from a large number of central Texas Counties that the system is out of control, that the common man has no input to a criminal justice system that has gone out of control, and courts that exist to produce revenue.

The remedy, the two said as they presided over a meeting that voted unanimously to "constitute" their home counties for Common Law Grand Juries, is to let the people select their own Grand Jurors.

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