Friday, December 3, 2010

GOP Solon Cites Missouri's Pro-Active Illegal Immigration Policy

Branson, Missouri – As she exits the state house, GOP Rep. Nita Jane Ayres is reminding her constituents that this midwestern state has had a firm anti-illegal immigration law in place that pre-dates Arizona's by two year.

Though she was soundly defeated by Dan Phillips by 3,112-2,206 in the Republican primary last spring, the freshman District 62 representative is going down swinging for the fences to combat illegal immigration, and it points out a situation that has received little publicity.

Missouri's state law authorizing state troopers to determine if a suspect is in the country illegally and hold them for federal immigration authorities is identical to the one swatted down by U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton in Phoenix in late summer. The legislature passed it in 2008.

But it's only part of an array of anti-illegal immigration legislation that “protects the rights of legal resident by curbing policies that make our state more attractive to those who would come here illegally,” according to a farewell release issued by Rep. Ayres.

HB 1549 outlaws “sanctuary cities” that turn a blind eye to unlawful aliens and directs police to ignore the immigration status of those they apprehend in traffic stops or arrest for violations. “Our law makes it clear this type of behavior will not be tolerated and states that any municiplaity that enacts a sanctuary policy will be ineligible for money proved through grants administered by any state agency or department,” she points out. “The law also prohibits local governments from adopting policies limiting the ability of local officials to communicate with the federal government about potential immigration violations.”

There are criminal penalties for anyone proven to have helped an illegal alien obtain a driver's license and requires the test to be given only in English.

Ninety percent of voters approved a constitutional amendment designating English as the official language of the state in 2008. All official business must be conducted in English in Missouri.

Transporting illegal aliens is punishable by a sentence of one year or more under state law.

No one gets health care benefits unless they can prove they are in the nation legally.
A Realtor, Ms. Ayres is Secretary-Treasurer of Yocum Silver Mine, Inc., and the former controller of Tindle Mills and Central Soya Co., Inc. She took her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Southwest Baptist University. She is a former Alderman of this city.

She was elected to the House of Representatives after the former member resigned to take another position in the state government.

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