Friday, December 17, 2010

In the news: A Virile Chevy Truck And A Coach Accused Of Inappropriate Relations With A Young Female Student

By R.S. Gates

Here are two attention-grabbing news stories involving teachers and students and alleged hanky panky.

Jo Ann Stephens was a teacher in Mineola and stands charged with having an inappropriate relationship with a 15 year-old student, according to a KYTX.

The most fascinating detail is that police “extracted” semen from a Chevy truck driven by the victim. Up until the bail-out, I have been partial to Chevy trucks. I never imagined automotive technology could have reached this advanced point. In all fairness, Stephens’ victim was 15; there is no indication in what year the truck was manufactured.

The second report details how Coach Chris Taylor is accused of having an inappropriate relationship with an 18 year-old student.

According to a KXXV, Taylor and the girl initially denied the relationship, but the arrest affidavit indicates Taylor later admitted having inappropriate relations.

Coach Taylor’s bond - $6,000; Ms. Stephens’ bond - $25,000

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  1. This was my coach at my school and my worst-enemy's mom I don't know if I should believe this or not...But i'm thinking it was not her fault since she was nice. And never did anything like that to anybody at my school. Gracie her daughter and my worst enemy's mom denies everything her mom did.