Saturday, December 11, 2010

I Tell You About Texas Radio And The Big Beat...

Comes out of the Virginia swamps with a back beat and rhythm that is narrow and hard to master. Some call it heavenly in its brilliance...

Just go on and be y'all selves and twist and shout and throw y'all heads back and sing y'all joy unto the world because the way they have explained this deal to me is that Mr. J. Edgar Hoover done turned America into a recording studio way, way on back there, anyway. Mr. Richard M. Nixon demanded strict proof of that - he was a lawyer, you know - and they showed him. Check this woman's voice out. This is what she really sounded like. No fooling. True story.

I know this doesn't make much sense, but it's true that 1969 sounded a lot like this in certain neighborhoods where it is customary to pour a small portion of the wine on the ground in commemoration of the dead before decanting the rest and taking the first sip.

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