Thursday, July 18, 2013

Gun defenders term Temple cops 'corrupt, abusive'

M/Sgt. C.J. Grisham

Belton – Army Master Sergeant C.J. Grisham donated $20,000, the remainder of his legal defense fund, to the National Association for Legal Gun Defense.

In return, the organization will “defend his Second Amendment rights...against a corrupt and abusive police force” in a July 31 pre-trial hearing in Bell County Court at Law for the offense of “rudely displaying” an assault rifle on a rural road in Temple as he carried it openly.

The trial for a violation of a subsection of the Disorderly Conduct statute is expected to take place during the first or second week of August, said Sgt. Grisham.

Officers of the Temple Police Department arrested Sgt. Grisham and confiscated his AR-15 and a .45 caliber handgun he was carrying under a Texas Concealed Carry Handgun License. They still have the firearms, as well as the Sergeant's concealed carry license.

The case has become something of a cause celebre, leading to many other open carry organizations and public displays of veterans and militia members openly carrying assault rifles and shotguns as they march through neighborhoods throughout Texas. It is legal to carry a long gun openly in the state. Police officers dislike the practice.

Oathkeepers and, in cooperation with Come and Take It Temple staged an open carry march around the Temple cop shop on June 1 to help him raise funds to pay for his legal defense.

The National Association for Legal Gun Defense pledges up to $1 million in legal defense funding for members who are arrested for gun violations, and furnishes training in what to say and not to say when confronted by police. Their website is located at this URL:

It would be unethical to keep that money for personal use when I no longer need it. I truly appreciate all the support I've gotten and continue to get,” said Sgt. Grisham in his announcement of the philanthropy, which is dedicated to helping veterans defend against gun charges.

According to the website, the organization is made up of lawyers who specialize in gun rights defense cases.

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