Thursday, July 25, 2013

‘Young Guns’ side with White House in NSA showdown

Washington - The tax revolt of 2010 made its influence felt in the fight over NSA phone surveillance.

House Speaker John Boehner formed an unusual coalition with the White House in President Barack Obama’s drive to defeat an amendment that would have defunded warrantless NSA surveillance of Americans’ phone and internet communications.

Drawing on his influence with members of the freshman class of 2010, “Young Guns” Republicans such as District 17 Rep. Bill Flores, R-Bryan, who were swept into office by Tea Party voters in that year’s tax revolt, Mr. Boehner delivered 217 nay votes, just 12 more than the 205 aye’s that supported the measure.

Liberal members such as Rep. Lloyd Dogget, D-Austin, voted aye on the amendment. Mr. Doggett is a former Texas Supreme Court Jusitce and State Senator who was part of the liberal “Killer Bees” clique who opposed Republican fiscal conservatism in the 80’s.

For a tabulation of how they voted, click here:

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