Monday, July 1, 2013

Open Carry advocates to attend July 4th parade - armed

Texas Militia Man on steps of the State Capital
Belton – A traditional Fourth of July parade is shaping up to be the scene of an armed confrontation between members of the unorganized militia and police.

Despite numerous published reports that insurance carriers have precluded open carry of long guns at Belton's 164th annual Fourth of July parade, Second Amendment activists say they plan to mingle with the crowds – locked and loaded.

Members of Open CarryTemple and Don't, activist chapters who advocate openly carrying rifles and shotguns in spite of a general police objection to the practice due to the possibility that the public may become alarmed as a result, plan to appear with their assault rifles and shotguns loaded.

Said Murdoch Pizgatti of Don't Comply, the chief organizer of the June 1st open carry march at Temple in which hundreds of people circled the Temple Police Department carrying their weapons, “We have reached out to the re-enactors and the color guard and offered space for them and their guns. I don't think they will bring guns, but we did offer.
Murdoch Pizgatti

“We will walk with our loaded guns around the area, as well as have some tables set up at the police station.”

Chamber of Commerce officials had at first approved a float with armed members of Open Carry riding in the parade, followed by members under arms marching.

But when they got their annual insurance policy, they learned that the insurance carrier had refused to insure the event if members of the public plan to carry firearms openly. The Belton Chamber of Commerce took back their approval for open carry, even by the color guard and Civil War re-enactors.

Members of the movement that supports open carry have made it their habit to gather in the evenings and stroll through numerous towns in the region since the June 1st event at Temple. They have begun to make daily strolls through Temple, Belton, Dallas, and Little Elm.

Though there is no law against open carry of long guns, the Penal Code sets forth a penalty under the disorderly conduct statute for doing so in a rude or offensive manner.

Sgt. Grisham's court case has been continued. At the open carry event on June 1, he told a crowd that courtrooms are not the place to fight for your rights. He said he advocates such activism at the side of the road, in public.


  1. While I am all for a persons right to their weapons, they made it clear it was done in response to the insurance, so people shouldn't be trying to make a scene... also, this parade is to honor on the 4th, not for someone to try to prove their political points....

  2. Anonymous, the theme of this year's 4th of July parade is "Symbols of Freedom." Please name me ONE symbol of freedom more important than the firearm from a historical perspective. We wouldn't have the 4th of July without access to firearms.

  3. One more thing: we are NOT "the unorganized militia." We are a group of patriots and Texans dedicated to educating and increasing awareness of our Second Amendment rights in the State of Texas. We are waiting on our non-profit status.

  4. Armed patriots are often referred to as the unorganized militia, as opposed to members of the National Guard, which is subject to mobilization by the federal government under Presidential orders, and State Defense Forces, which are organized under the auspices of the Governors, but are not subject to federal mobilization. That leaves those who keep and bear arms as members of an unorganized militia, and that is why I referred to your group in that way.

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