Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Father beat 4 year-old daughter's attacker to death

Shiner - When he heard the screams of his little girl, a 23-year-old man came to her rescue and beat the attacker to death.

According to Lava County Sheriff Micah Harmon, the father, whose name has not been released, will probably not be arrested for the killing, which took place Saturday.

Sheriff Harmon said that the father left the child with her brother and the attacker to take care of some chickens. The man had been invited to the family's ranch to help care for some horses. 

When he heard the little girl screaming, he told the Sheriff, the father came running and found she and her attacker partially naked. Medical authorities determined the child had been sexually assaulted, then treated and released her to the custody of her parents. 


  1. The father did what probably any father would have done. Also legally, under the Castle Doctrine, he is within the bounds of the law to protect his daughter with deadly force. Personally, one less pedi in the world is a good thing.

  2. I would have done he same thing. Any parent with a lick of sense would have. If more parents did this, less pedophiles would be raping our children. I say take them outside and shoot them in the head if you catch them red handed.