Friday, June 29, 2012

MCSO Law Enforcement Assn. call for Civil Service

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Agenda and ballot placement requested

Association Secretary Dwayne Montigny confirmed the item is on the McLennan Commissioners Court Agenda for Tuesday 

Waco – In a pre-dated memo, Precinct 4 County Commissioner Ben Perry called on the Court to place a presentation on Civil service by the Sheriff's Law Enforcement Association of McLennan County on Tuesday.

None of the parties involved were available for comment at the time The Legendary received the material a few minutes before 11 p.m. on Friday, June 29.

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  1. Its sad that we have a commissioners court that is not for the people but special interests.Look at everything they do.Its time for a new commissioners court.Sleamc,they backed Plemons,Peterson,Janic,Coyler,Mashek and several others ,all lost.this should lose also.

  2. While it appears to be a last ditch effort to avoid the consequences of an election, all they are asking for is to let the people/voters decide. Sounds reasonable. Would like to know what this will do the the ability of the new Sheriff to make changes the majority voted for. Mashek was not on the ballot. I think SLEMC endorsed Will Jones who won by a large margin.

  3. Civil Service is a good thing. It serves as a check and balance against the power of the Sheriff. This actually works in favor of the people. It forces the Sheriff to use fair hiring practices and abolishes the "good 'ol boy" system where jobs are awarded for patronage. It also abolishes the power of the sheriff to discipline employees without cause. For example, if a deputy writes a traffic citation to someone who really "earned" it, and the Sheriff decides to punish the deputy for it because the person cited is a personal friend, the Deputy would be able to appeal the disciplinary action under Civil Service Rules. Hopefully, the association will be successful in getting Civil Service Status.

  4. I find it most curious that SLEAMC decides to put this forward now. Where was this before the primary election when they endorsed their candidate Chief Deputy Randy Plemons who has ignored their calls for Civil Service for years along with current Sheriff Larry Lynch. In fact, SLEAMC was formed to protect these very people from their jobs being farmed out to the same private company, CEC, that has it's hands dipped deep in county pockets. This would be the organization that despite the budget crunch McLennan County Taxpayers are already in, negotiated an even higher price to look after McLennan County inmates in the jail that McLennan County paid to build on McLennan County land.

    This looks to me like more dirty politics by Larry Lynch. His pony lost the race, so he's going to go with a scorched Earth policy to keep the new incoming Sheriff from being able to do anything.

    I do have to question why SLEAMC didn't back Parnell McNamara who promised to institute some form of Civil Service review to stop the current practice of "good ole boy" politics currently used in the Sheriff's Office. Oh yeah, that's because the current officers of SLEAMC, including Secretary Dwayne Montigny and President Mike Garrett currently benefit from the "good ole boy" system in place right now.

    Commissioners need to leave whatever system goes in place to the new Sheriff and not handcuff him before he takes office. Larry you lost, the support of the people. You keep wasting the tax dollars in your overspending. Commissioners tried to handcuff you from being able to put the new Sheriff in the hole, but you are bound and determined to be as the underhanded, unchristian, unprincipled narcissistic we know you to be.

  5. So why haven't they done this before under Sheriff Lynch. Oh yeah, because Lynch ruled the department with an iron hand and has lied to them all. Why is Lynch desperate? Something is so rotten in the Sheriff's Office and the smell seems to be coming from the corner office on the second floor. The one well guarded from public view.

  6. Sounds like someone is worried about the way the acted during the election might cost them their jobs. The public has already spoke against SLEAMC and the Lynch Good Ole Boys.

    It will be interesting to see how many Commissioners Lynch still has in his pocket. I hope those Commissioners remember that every SLEAMC candidate lost. The public is tired of being bullied by them and those that protect them.

  7. The one that wrote the above ,backed Jones is wrong,they backed Mashek,check your story ,why did the ones they supported lost,because they want something ,like PERRY votes for what they want.

  8. You're right they want something. Unfortunately for those in charge of SLEAMC, the people want something too. The people don't want them to continue their business as usual. The people want them to do the jobs the people pay them to do, not sit around following die Fuehrer, Larry Lynch.

    It's time to give up the ghost guys and except that you guys backed the wrong person. Give the new Sheriff a chance to make his mark and don't handcuff him before he gets in office. I hope the people remember that Waco PD had an Assistant Chief while they were under Civil Service. It took them 12 years and millions of dollars to finally get rid of a police officer who committed a felony. Voters already getting rid of the good ole boy Sheriff and his didn't elect his lapdog puppet. So the good ole boy system is in effect already gone from the Sheriff's Office. I know that the man who beat him in the primary as already promised on many occasions that there will be a fair system in place to make sure people are rewarded for the quality of their work, which doesn't include how well they kiss up, the major qualification for moving up in the system that has ruled the Sheriff's Office for the last 12 years.

  9. Might cost them their jobs???? Funny, I thought "mr texas rangers" had said on numerous times that he planned on keeping the sheriffs dept all together, or has he already thrown his first lie into the ring?

  10. gee the way ya'll talk makes it sound like instead of merit, the employees will be judged on how they voted IF the possee ends up in office..... what's next, judged on how his relatives working in the county feel about them?

  11. Who is "mr texas rangers"? There isn't a Texas Ranger on the ballot. And the only one that has said they would lose their jobs is the current sitting Sheriff who has told Sheriff Deputies they would be replaced by everyone from retired US Marshals, to Pinkerton Detectives, to the Muppets in order to sow the seeds of discontent in the department. Since the Sheriff's Chief Deputy lost the race, the Sheriff has not slowed down a bit in spreading these wild rumors.

    But is you are talking about McNamara, he has said he wants to keep all the good officers he can. McNamara has also talked about putting in a system where the deputies are judged on their merits and performance, which is unlike the current system they have that has promoted based on how well you kissed up to the Sheriff. I know of several members of the department who have been "reassigned" simply because they had were on leave for over a week due to a health issue, while others in important positions who were out for months stayed in the positions. I know recently, one deputies was "reassigned" because he had been in 2 accidents in his patrol car, none of which were his fault. I know of another deputy who was promoted despite the County Attorneys have stated is he a huge liability risk to even have as a deputy. I understand that the reason behind SLEAMC's all of a sudden pulling the Civil Service vote out of it's the storage it's been in since Lynch backers took control of the organization shortly after it was formed to force him to accept Civil Service after he tried to privatize all the Jailers' jobs, is so that any new Sheriff coming in will have a hard time dismantling Lynch's good ole boy system he currently has in place.

    I would hope the Commissioner use their common sense and give whoever becomes Sheriff a chance to make whatever changing they feel are necessary so we can once again have a Sheriff's Office that is more then just a clearing house for documenting complaints, and actually does something about them. That is what the people have expressed they wanted with not electing Lynch's Chief Deputy.

  12. I've heard a lot of the stories that Larry Lynch has been spreading about how all those deputies will be replaced. When I first heard some of those stories all I could do was laugh at how desperate he must be to spread those stories and how stupid he takes people for being to actually beleave them. Who in their right mind would believe that a chief opponent would have the complete roadmap to the other guys plan that runs counter to everything that guy has said and done? That would be kind of like the Patriots saying they knew exactly what the Jason Garrett's game plan was before the game when none of the Cowboys or their coaches knew. Of course as history has shown the only reason that happens is if the other side is using some sort of illegal means, which begs the question, "Is Lynch just making things up or did he come by information through illegal means?"