Monday, March 11, 2013

DMZ hops every spring as North, South Koreas clash

A former MP recalls his Manchurian sojourn

When the North Korean Lt. Colonel got through the mine field at the DMZ, he was wearing the uniform of a corporal. It's a standard practice followed to keep the enemy from identifying the officers.

Famished from his rations of only two bowls of rice per day, he ate an entire fried chicken, drank a liter and a half of rice wine, and in a drunken tirade, gave up every secret he possessed in order to be reunited with his wife and kids in Seoul. Now, he is a political science professor at a university in South Korea, heavily guarded by American troopers lest Chinese Communist aggressors locate him or his family and attack in retaliation.

Our interviewee, an MP who witnessed this drama in the spring of 1998, recalls the signs he saw then – and now – that tip him off that when North and South Korea go into Spring war games, money drives the deal, and the People's Republic of China is in control.

With the reds holding the paper on two-thirds of America's 17 trillion dollar debt, one is driven to ask the hard questions.

One need only click here to listen to the entire interview.

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