Sunday, March 10, 2013

'Large capacity ammunition feeding devices'

Texas gun law bills in hearing Wednesday

Austin – Ten-round limits on magazines, anger management courses mandatory for ammunition buyers, long, drawn-out background checks on any firearm transaction, these are a few of the proposals circulating in D.C. and state capitals.

Amid the political hoopla surrounding gun violence, and the hysteria it generates, two bills are quietly working their way through the legislature that would severely limit the power of the federal government to infringe on Texans' right to keep and bear arms.

They are HB 553 and HB 928, both of which would nullify any federal laws regarding guns and ammunition and prohibit state law enforcement officers from contracting with federal officers to enforce new gun laws.

One need only click on each of the two items below to get a good picture of how these proposed laws have been presented to legislators.

Both will be heard in the Federalism Committee of the Texas House of Representatives on Wednesday. If they pass, they will be sent to the all-important Calendars Committee.

Rep. Steve Toth, author and sponsor of the Firearms Freedom Act, HB 553, is on record saying he does not think the Calendars Committee will allow the law he wrote to make any forward progress to the floor of the House.

So it goes. 

Call these folks. Ask them to let the nullification laws have a chance. Do it. Get started by clicking here. 

Texas Legislature Committees

Sen. Dianne Feinstein inveighing against 'large capacity ammunition feeding devices'

Get a load of the dude sitting behind her!

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