Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Clinton, Obama sell Obamacare, blame Supreme Court

"The devil you know is always better than the devil you don't know." - Barack Hussein Obama

New York – A female AP news writer described the scene in a darkened hotel ballroom as a spectacle of two presidents wearing dark power suits, relaxed and nearly reclining on comfy overstuffed chairs as they explained the Affordable Patient Protection Health Care Act of 2010 – Obamacare – to an adoring crowd at an opulent fundraiser.

President Bill Clinton and President Barack Obama tossed away America's very real repulsion with a mandatory system of health care protection enforced by government bureaucrats as if it's a flute of fine champagne - offered in a toast, at a happy wedding reception.

They called it misdirected sentiment, aimed at the President, when it's really the Supreme Court that is to blame.

While freshman U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) read Dr. Seuss's “Green Eggs and Ham” to his little girls over C-Span as he filibustered a bill that if stymied would enable Republicans to hold the government's debt ceiling hostage to a defunding of the controversial law that becomes partly operative on Oct. 1, Clinton pointed out the part of the Supreme Court's decision on Obamacare that holds states cannot be forced to take Medicaid money to finance the expansion of health care coverage.

That's going to lead to a cruel result, and there's nothing the President can do, and it's not his fault,” he said. “That's what the Supreme Court said.” So, blame it on the Governors, the Attorneys General, and the state legislators for taking advantage of a ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court that enabled the bureaucracy of an unsustainably debt-riddled corporation, the United States of America, to force its citizens to buy health insurance – whether they want it, or not.

It's kind of like the Irishman who, when kicked by the jackass, said, “Consider the source.”

Such a deal.

Those individuals who refuse to enroll will be subject to punitive IRS tax levies, a procedure the Court ruled is constitutional because it's one of the House of Representatives' enumerated powers, that of levying taxes.

Part of the Clinton Global Initiative, the plan to palliate what a sizable majority of the nation sees as an abominable choice is in full swing. President Obama left the gala and appeared at a fundraiser held at the Waldorf-Astoria. Guests there paid a minimum of $5,000 a plate and a maximum of $32,400 to thump on the tubs for an idea that died an ignominious death 20 years ago during the Clinton Administration, was revived in 2010, and has caused the House of Representatives to vote its demise a phenomenal number of times - way past 30 times, but who's counting - to defund its implementation.

Despite their popularity, those bills have gone nowhere in the U.S. Senate. In fact, the issue has gridlocked the fiscal policies of the world's largest corporation, the U.S.A. The nation has operated without a budget since 2009, flying by the seat of its pants while the bankers who control the Federal Reserve Banks devalue the currency and increase the debt load to staggering heights.

Meanwhile, the world's more stable economies pour their cash into the deepest, most liquid pool on the planet, the Treasury bond market.

With a slipping credit rating, the yield is bound to go up. Cui bono?

One is reminded of the dilemma of confidence in the nation of Chile, right before they found President Salvador Allende sprawled across his desk, dead of a gunshot wound that left the back of his skull missing, the muzzle of a custom-engraved AK-47 assault rifle bearing Fidel Castro's signature thrust through his broken teeth. Jet fighters bombed and strafed the executive mansion for hours during his last day of life. Foreign policy experts often point to that as a textbook case of a hostile takeover. 

Here's a clue. The sitting President and Attorney General were ex-law partners - rainmakers - in Wall Street's largest, most successful bond firm.

It's all a function of "clearing up misconceptions," the President said. “Normally this would be pretty straightforward. But let's face it. It's been a little political, this whole Obamacare thing.”

As he spoke those words, Sen. Cruz read the names of dozens of multinational, Fortune 500 corporations that have cut their employees' work schedules to a week of less than 30 hours in order to exempt their payroll from its clutches. Cruz is the son of a Cuban who in 1959 fled what President Kennedy called “that imprisoned island” – fled for his life and those of his family.

This is the health care plan – the law of the land – the one you had to pass “to find out what's in it,” said then Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco).

This is a big part of what's in it.

Like Ragu, it's in there.

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