Monday, September 23, 2013

Retired man walks away unhurt after crashing plane

Laguna Park - A retired man walked away unhurt from an awkward landing at a private airstrip at 1:30 p.m. Sunday, September 22, just yards from Lake Whitney Dam.

Eyewitnesses said Steve Howard, 450 Bosque County Road 1812, appeared to have stalled his 1946 Taylorcraft, a single-engine plane, at an altitude of about 50 feet.

"It just fell out of the air, and then it bounced on the left landing gear and spun around," said a neighbor, who requested anonymity because of an on-going dispute over ownership of the landing strip. "We and everyone else in Laguna Park are in danger that he may crash into a house."

The person who witnessed the crash said the same aircraft crash-landed in a similar fashion only a few weeks ago.

The plane skidded to a stop in trees beside the runway, avoiding a collision with a propane tank by only a few feet.

The only real damage done was to the antique two-place airplane, which snapped the left landing gear and sheared off the left wing upon impact.

The landing strip is collectively owned by some 20 property owners whose lots surround the grass runway. Property owners settled the ownership dispute out of court a few years ago, said neighbors. 

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