Saturday, September 28, 2013

News tongue in cheek as house passes O-care defund

Washington – The House of Representatives passed a bill that is emblematic of the legislative gridlock prompted by Obamacare.

The law would delay implementation of the controversial health care program for one year, while at the same time paying the troops and paving the way to raise the nation's debt ceiling.

Senate Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid said that nevertheless, the law is DOA in the upper chamber, and the President said it faces automatic veto the minute it hits his desk.

In repealing a medical device tax, AP writers noted, the government will forego $29 billion in new revenue over the coming decade.

“By repealing the medical device tax, the GOP measure also would raise deficits — an irony for a party that won the House majority in 2010 by pledging to get the nation's finances under control.”

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