Sunday, March 20, 2011

Torrent of Wikileaks decapitates a key U.S. diplomat

Heads of big shots and peons are beginning to roll without regard to rank or social standing in the wake of leaked cables and messages released by the enigmatic Julian Assange, chief leaker, of Wikileaks...
Mexico City – Carlos Pascual resigned his post as the U.S. Ambassador to Mexico amid a flap over a sensitive cable leaked by Wikileaks.

In an official cable he wrote his Department of State superiors at Foggy Bottom, Mr. Pascual stated that Mexican security forces are too busy fighting each other over their turf to be bothered with the violence visited by the likes of violent gangs of drug smugglers such as Los Zetas, La Familia Michoacan, the Gulf Cartel, or MS-13.

It was the first such public resignation in the history of the Obama Administration, softened only by the commiserative tone of an official statement by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, who said Mr. Pascual made his decision “based upon his personal desire to ensure the strong relationship between our two countries and to avert issues.”

On a state visit to Paris at this time, Mrs. Clinton alluded to “issues” raised by Mexican President Felipe Calderon in a visit to the White House less than two weeks ago.

The U.S. government has poured billions of dollars in military aid, arms, munitions, training and equipment into the fight against violent drug traffickers, only to see the problem exacerbated by defections from Mexican Army Special Forces troopers who joined the other side and then formed their own cartel, Los Zetas.

About 40,000 people have lost their lives during the Calderon Administration due to the extreme violence of the drug cartels' internecine warfare over the rights to lucrative drug smuggling routes, money laundering privileges on return duffel bags stuffed with 20's and 100's in U.S. currency, and head taxes collected on illegal aliens who stream across the U.S. border. They also export sex slaves, underage prostitutes who are sold into bondage to American pimps and perverts.

A signature terroristic sign left as a calling card amongst the former special forces types who enforce the rules for the drug cartel kingpins is to leave decapitated bodies and deposit the severed heads nearby in startling displays meand to be found by early morning passersby.

Click here to link to a transcript of an address Mr. Pascual made to the American Chamber of Commerce in Mexico City on March 15.

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