Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Man pleads guilty to 8 counts of sex assault of child

He is sentenced to 40 years with possibility of parole in 20

Waco - Benjamin Morrison changed his plea to guilty to 8 counts of aggravated sexual assault after prosecutors agreed to drop a count of continuing sexual abuse of a female child younger than 14.

That charge could have netted him a sentence of 25 years to life without the possibility of parole.

Mr. Morrison, who is 39, had been previously arrested in 1996 for the charge of injury to a child for shaking an infant, but the District Attorney's office decided not to pursue the charge.

Prosecutor Hilary LaBorde had filed a notice of the intention to use hearsay evidence in testimony about the offenses, which took place over a five year period, in order to spare the victims from having to face the accused rapist in court.

Aggravated sexual assault involves the penetration of any body cavity with the penis against the will of the victim. A child has not the legal ability to consent to such a thing.

Mr. Morrison will either be in prison or registered as a sex offender for the rest of his life.


  1. this is BS, this SOB could walk, while others that had the same charges got life sentences. I hope the parties involved with deciding to give this SOB a plea, are happy with them selves. If all he gets is being a registered sex offender for life, would be a major insult to the two young girls that he raped. 40 years with a chance to parole in 20 is just as bad of an insult to the girls. The D.A and anyone else that had a say this matter should be ashamed of themselves and should give a public apology to the two girls.

  2. In addition to my earlier post, I learned that one reason that the DA decided to not use the girls testimony was because the girls and their families were receiving threats from ben morrisons friends and family. This information came from a family source that can be trusted because he is a man of honor. If this is the major reason for the plea bargain then it was wrong, because the girls could have been protected and the parties that were doing the threatening should have been investigated and prosecuted. If all of this is true than the DA and the police and others really dropped the ball and sent a clear message to all child molesters, that all they have to do is make a few threats and all they will receive is a slap on the wrist. to the police and the DA and who ever else that made the decision, thanks for nothing.

  3. Maybe you really need to look in the mirror. You are not a saint yourself. There are so may things that you have done that could be brought out that have been left unsaid. All you want to do is put people down in order to make yourself look good. There are people out there that know exactly how you and your family operate. Yes Mr. Morrison pleaded guilty and he will be getting what was agreed upon. You need to look at your life and see all the bad things you have done then tell your daughter that you are sorry

  4. LOL you said one thing that is true, I am no saint. what I have done in the past, my children know about and I have nothing to hide. now I can not help it if you a family of lies and backstabbers. I have apologized to both of my kids, and if you were a true human being you would know that and you would know that what ben morrison and the granthams and the rest of the people who lied and stole my kids from me, all of you know that I told the truth and proved it during the process. so if you think you have something or you want to try and spread lies, go right ahead but just do 1 thing, be a grownup and state your real name.

  5. The 1996 incident happened when Ben was trying to do CPR on an infant who had stopped breathing. She was on a machine that went off whenever she quit breathing and she usually started right back up. That time she did not. He tried to resusitate her and 911 was called. The mother later admitted to family members that she had dropped the baby accidentally. The child was placed for adoption and the woman who adopted her blamed Ben and hated him because a woman would not hurt a child. (In her mind) She, over the course of time has blamed other men of molesting her other children (Velasquez) and of course when Ben came back into the picture 17 years later she used her tactic again. Ben has never harmed any child and of all children would not have harmed the one he was accused of hurting in 1996. Especially knowing how much her adopted mother hated him. He wasn't crazy about the idea of her being in his home but his wife thought it would be great if all 3 kids were reunited. Within a short amount of time Ben found himself being accused of molesting a minor. The girl changed her story multiple times. This was the same child that he tried to save. Of ALL children in the world he would not have harmed this child in any way because of the frightening incident that happened in 1996.
    At the time he had custody of the sister and brother of the 17 year old and threats had been made from the childrens family that they would get them back somehow. Well I guess they found a way. He did not plead guilty - he pled no contendre. He was going to go to trial but what jury would believe him over a small child. Especially when they said that her sister would report the same thing. Having met the small child - I do BELIEVE that she was abused - Just not by this man. Further investigations need to be dome since most of the timeframe occured when he was out of the country. He has been around many many children over the course of years and is a wonderful person. He did not do this. Your hatred and revenge has destroyed an innocent mans life and I hope you are very proud of yourselves.

  6. LOL, you really need to learn your history when it comes to this matter. I know the two girls involved in this case, and the oldest was born in or around 1992. she was the daughter that Sarah was forced to give up for adoption. Ben never tried to help the child and if you would bother to research that time period, you would learn that charges were brought up against Ben for child abuse. fearing for her child's life and pressure from her family Sarah was forced to give up the child and all charges were dropped against ben. now when the rapes accrued, ben was in the country. in fact he was living in Tennessee when him and alica lied to the courts and got custody of his biological son and my daughter, which accrued about 5 years ago. after running from Tennessee, because CPS was about to remove all children from their home because of abuse and unsafe conditions, they moved to Waco,TX and there is were the oldest daughter was raped. between Tennessee and Waco is when my daughter was raped by ben. Now I don't know who you are or why you would even be supporting garbage like ben, maybe you are like him, this I do not know, but you have no idea of what the truth really is and all you are doing is making a fool of yourself. I am pleased that ben will go to prison but I am angered with the amount of time he got, because he should have received life in prison. If you knew the truth you would know that it was not me and Sarah and my family that was threatening ben, for the simple fact that there exact where a bouts were being kept from us by sarah family. Sarah's family were the one's threatening ben. I have no love for them either because they used lies to keep my daughter and my step-son from coming home to the only people who ever really loved them and cared for them. every thing they threw at us I proved them wrong every time. so if you want to try and spread more lies then go for it, because the truth is on my side.

  7. This is Loron, the biological uncle.

    Anonymous, state your name so Dean will know you are not my sister Sabrina.

    Dean, quit claiming the Grantham's stole your "children." You signed them over to your mother so she would keep giving you and Sarah your welfare checks, as neither of you had a valid ID to sign on them. Don't lie to me cause I told you both it was damned stupid when you complained to me about it, BEFORE you actually did it. Your mother went to Vegas for what was it, 6 months? She claimed it would be two weeks and disappeared for up to 6 months. She then signed them over to Ben and Alisha. "It's not my signature" is not a valid complaint when it was done IN PERSON in front of a notary with a VALID PICTURE ID. Before you accuse my family of lying, look at the lady who has repeatedly lied to you and Sarah. Don't forget, she tried to leave you in Georgia and only accepted your help now when Sabrina would not let her near the children without CPS approving her. This is YOUR mother playing games, not mine. Mine has sent you more money over the years than I have recieved from them in MY LIFE. So guess what, blow it.

    Anonymous, I'm the one Sarah admitted too that Ben shook my niece because she wouldn't quit crying. I'm also the one person in my family Ben has not tried to contact or threaten, let alone lie to about being out of the country at this time. Also, because he was accused of abusing the older sister it was made clear he was not to be around the children when the older sister was visiting. So if he was so innocent, why was he in the house at all? I never was told that one, but since you are so close to him, could you try to tell me the truth for once?

    And to this threats comment...please specifiy which family, because when you first recieved custody I tried to convince my family we should sue for custody so as to protect the children from Ben because I did not trust him. My family trusted his wife Alisha to protect my niece and nephew from him and believed her when she claimed Ben had changed. I argued until I was so mad I had to leave the house. Alisha gave me no reason not to believe in her, but Ben has given me plenty of lies over the years. And the family who is now recieving custody of the children never once threatened to take the children. I know because once my parents and their siblings made the decision, I was a good child and listened. I just prayed I was wrong...but oops, I wasn't. Do not accuse Sabrina of threatening anyone, because it has not happened. Do not accuse my mother and father of it either, because it has not happened. Do not accuse me, or any of my aunts and uncles, because no Jessup or Grantham has made such a threat. So instead of spewing out sewage in hopes to discredit someone or cause arguments within one of the most loving and supportive families on this planet, as stated by hundreds and thousands of friends who have met my family, try to state names and admit as to how you know this information, or quit trying to claim the courts got it wrong. And if Ben was so innocent, why did they get divorced to "protect her children"?

    Lastly, this is a forum for discussion, not unfounded accusations by immature and irresponsible people who have failed so miserably they are trying to lash out at the one person who is still trying to do right by the children. Sabrina is the only one in a position to provide the children the support, stability, and love they need. So either back her up, or get the hell out of the picture like a grown up should.

    Loron A. Grantham

  8. @ Dean, Yes you right that this SOB could walk, but he won't! Not with an outstanding count of Continuous Sexual Assault of a Minor under the Age of 14 yr old Over 30 days. Plus the Appeals Board will see that he was sentenced to 40 yrs on EACH of the 8 counts of Sexual Assault of a Minor under the age of 14 yrs, there no way he'll get parole after 20, I bet he'll do the full 40! Plus there's an outstanding charge against him don't forget. So he's done!!

  9. Just for your info David the charges were wrapped into the plea bargain.