Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Texas OPEC - It's A Natural Gas, Y'all

Cue up Mason Williams' "Classical Gas" and read this one-minute radio spot. If you want to break the tyranny of mideast petroleum imports on your economy, you'll get on the band wagon.

If not, well, frankly, we're embarassed for ya'.

(background music – Mason Williams' “Classical Gas”)

Look out over the prairie in the Texas oil fields.

What are you seeing?

It's the floor of an ancient warm water gulf where tiny one-cell marine creatures called radiolarians lived and died.

As they decayed, they turned into pockets of natural gas, pools of crude petroleum locked deep in the shale strata

Within five years, producers will be pumping more product each day than is produced in the entire Gulf Of Mexico by using the Bakken horizontal drilling and natural gas fracturing technique to squeeze the crude out of the hole.

Big Three Detroit automakers were poised to use compressed natural gas to power American cars and trucks until the EPA stepped in during the early 90's and imposed miles-per-gallon restrictions on their products.

Why not use this abundant source of clean-burning, efficient motor fuel that is so plentiful, burns cleaner, and has a much reduced carbon footprint?

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