Friday, March 11, 2011

One method of doing business in the cartel drug wars

Execution by castration, slitting the throat, skinning the face and neck and decapitation captured on video

No one knows precisely whence come these videos, but they are there, like the air, the wind, the mountains, the sky.

They appear day after day on the border, an element of psycho-warfare and its attendant terror and intimidation.

How this chap offended, no one knows. Who he was or why he was exectuted is your guess. Why his executioners are dressed in military style clothing is equally unexplained.

It is what it is.

Every time you buy an ounce of grass, a gram of toot, a paper of smack, or some crank, you're paying big money to support this kind of lawless savagery.

Bon appetit!

- Jacques Legendre de Bayou Bleu

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