Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Behold, the new pole dancing champion of America

Natasha Wang claimed her crown as the new champion of the U.S. Pole dancing Federation last weekend.

The federation formed to bring the sport into the light as a mainstream event that is on a par with ice skating or gymnastics, and not just a trick done by strippers in gentlemen's clubs.

In the third annual national championship, Ms. Wang claimed the top honor from a field of 11 and won a prize of $5,000.

Officials of the federation said pole dancing, an art form practiced by both men and women in India and Asia, is now a legitimate, sanctioned sport in international competition. Ms. Wang is to travel to Australia to perform at the Miss Pole Dance Austrialia 2012 competition.

Why do the competitors wear the skimpy costumes?

A co-founder of the federation explained the competitors aren't shedding their clothing. Wendy Traskos said, “They're coming out in their outfits and you do have to have your skin exposed in order to stick to the pole."

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