Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Two-thirds rule? What rule? You can forget that one...

Conservative super majority finds a way to circumvent Senate rules of procedure on passage of a trimmed-down, slimmed-down budget bill

Analysis by Mark Lavergne
From "The Lone Star Report"

Austin - Sen. Dan Patrick (R-Houston) has never been a fan of the two-thirds rule. He may not be celebrating its demise. But he can at least celebrate its significant marginalization after the Senate passed a budget this week without it.

The rule requires two-thirds of senators present and voting to support bringing a bill up for passage on the floor.

Since 2007, when he joined the Senate, Patrick has advocated getting rid of the rule altogether. That didn't happen this week. But the two-thirds rule became a complete and total non-factor. Much to the Democrats' chagrin, of course.

*Patrick is arguably the big winner. Following Senate passage of the budget, everyone knows now that the two-thirds rule is not hard and fast. There is a way to pass legislation out of the Senate, not by circumventing the two-thirds rule, or passing a special order at the beginning of the session, but by simply ignoring it...

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