Monday, May 23, 2011

Insurgent bombers hammering Iraqi security forces

Baghdad - More than half the people killed by car and suicide bombers yesterday morning – 9 out of 16 - were members of the security police force.

Insurgents targeted people on their way to work early Sunday morning in attacks that followed a typical pattern.

In Taji, 12 miles northwest of Baghdad, a roadside bomb halted an American military convoy. When police arrived, a suicide bomber walked into the midst of the crowd and blew himself up. Seven police and three civilians died in the blast. Of the 19 people injured, 15 are policemen.

It was only one of 10 bomb explosions in and around the capital as people hurried to work on the first day of the business week.

The message is straightforward enough, according to Captain Majid Mohammed Amin, who is a veteran police officer with service since 2000, himself a victim of two roadside bombings.

“If the security people cannot protect themselves then how can they protect you?”

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