Wednesday, May 2, 2012

DEA to falsely imprisoned student - “Sorry...”

He drank his own urine to survive

San Diego – The Special Agent in Charge of the DEA in this city has apologized to a university student who endured 4 days while locked up, handcuffed, in a 5 by 10-foot cell without access to food, water, or a toilet.

When agents raided the house where he was visiting, they arrested him and took him to the office for questioning, then decided not to charge him with an offense.


  1. Hey Lengendary,
    This is not on this topic, but with your connects at the McLennan Co. Sheriff's Department, can you find out what the rules are on the engagement of the county helicopter? I called them this morning when the helicopter was buzzing over my area for 30 minutes or so and was told they were assisting Waco PD with a residential burglary in progress. Perhaps they were armed and failed to tell me, but I think the helicopter is a little over the top for that. Someone on here mentioned they used it for the big puppy mill raid. What are the rules, if any?

  2. The rules are that what goes up, must come down, but in the case of the helicopter, there are some special considerations.

    First of all, the contraption vibrates, rattles and flops around until the earth becomes offended, rejects its presence, and it becomes airborne as a result. Secondly, it not only goes up and down, it goes left, right, forward, back, in addition to hovering.

    So, the rules are liberalized in the case of air mobility via helicopter, to say the least.

    They tell me it's surprising what a man can see from up there, riding in a machine that can swoop, swirl, rotate, hover and descend to a landing spot not much bigger than its rotors.

    One hard and fast rule is that if it ever loses its countermanding tail rotor, the body of the aircraft autorotates around the main propulsion shaft, and goes into a flat spin. Not good.

    As to my contacts at the MCSO - they are nonexistent. These people have refused to even tell the name of dead guys, take 10 days to turn down my requests for information, and have generally behaved like a bunch of horses asses. I guess I deserve what I get, but the truth is, I'm not alone. Rigged game, closed shop, end of story, no? Welcome to the monkey house. Hope you are able to keep the burglars out of your pad. - The Legendary

  3. The rules I was asking about do not concern the quality of flight. My concern, as an ailing taxpayer, has to do with seriousness of the offense for which the helicopter is engaged.

    A loose dog pooped in my yard this afternoon, which consitutes a couple of offenses. Can we use the helicopter to catch that poopin' pooch?

    Property crimes are part of the price we pay for living in a democracy where we choose not to kill or amputate for that sort of thing.

    My preference would be that they limit the use of the helicopter to the danger of human life, chasing people they know or think are armed...or lost people. Maybe they thought the one that got away on the burglary was possibly armed and I suppose it might be possible that the puppy mill raid could have turned into a David Koresh redo.

    Oh well, much ado about nothing...except my tax bill. I suppose I'll just scoop the poop and avoid the potential raid...and hope others will do the same.