Saturday, May 19, 2012

Old Harwell and them playing Bill's shop at beer-30

Bosqueville – Carl is a master glazier with a shop, a payroll and a title – President of Waco Glass & Mirror.

Fridays find him often at Bill Doss' woodworking shop off Flat Rock Road, picking with the rest of the crew directly under the glide path from the friendly skies of the Waco Airport.

I wanted to take his picture, but he said, calmly, “I'd rather not.”

Doesn't have to be any reason for something like that, so I took pictures of the unusual fretted instruments he builds from plans he finds on the internet – some with 3, others with 4, 6 and 8 strings, the bodies made of pop-riveted sheet metal, necks and tuning boards often made of scrap wood from pallets and other shipping dunnage, if not salvaged from other instruments of dissimilar design.

“These days, I don't often do anything unless I want to,” Mr. Genarlsky said with a smile.

He also builds violins, fiddles, violas, cellos, dulcimers and some very racy ancient and archaic numbers from Spain, Central and South America.

In the background, the rowdy talk of working men and women gathered to talk over the hassles of the work week, eat peanuts, pick guitars, and laugh it up. Happens on Fridays, on cue, with precision.

Bill Doss swung into a number and his friends picked along with him, then the talk turned to outlaws and the evening turned cool in the gloaming as the commuter planes toiled to their landings at diminished throttle levels, the guitars twanged and the working men crooned.

There were a couple of outlaw ballads from Jeff Ward.

Then, Mr. Harwell played some Texas blues, and it was time for the trip home and a sack out sack in the rack, just waiting on a leisurely Saturday morning. 


  1. Mr. Newspaperman, I question who be singing these here two tunes and not who you stated. Jeff not be calling himself Billy do you rightly think? Could you confirm that with Fabricator Man?

  2. Sorry about that, but, you know, it was very dark out there and it was a campfire songs singing session. Help me out, here. I would like to do things your way. - The Legendary