Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sawbones who fingered Osama headed for jail

Peshawar, Pakistan – Big dogs in the Obama Administration are barking loudly for the release of a doctor who helped CIA identify Osama bin Laden a year ago.

Shakil Afridi operated a vaccination program in the black for the company in the town of Abbottabad in order to collect DNA evidence for verification of Mr. bin Laden's identity.

Once the job was done, Navy Seal Team 6 closed in for the kill, leaving Al Qaida to reshuffle its top ranks. This really left highly placed officials in Pakistan steaming because the American government did not check with them first.

They are so angry, Dr. Afridi found himself today being sentenced to 33 years in prison for high treason. But the Pakistanis aren't the only ones who are uptight.

The Obama White House is making faces over the fact that the Pakistani government refuses to reopen NATO supply lines into Afghanistan, closed six months ago when American airstrikes left 24 Pakistani soldiers dead in their tracks.

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