Monday, May 28, 2012

Homeland security types vigilant over certain words

And let's face it, strong-arm regimes are threatened by popular outcries for political freedom that are empowered by unfettered Internet connectivity,” Robert McDowell, FCC Commissioner
Internet users are scrutinized daily for certain words they use in desktop publishing and social media applications such as blogs, Facebook, websites, and Twitter.

Department of Homeland Security officials have devised a hierarchy of areas of concern in guidelines they have published for analysts tasked with computerized analysis of social media publications, phone calls – in fact any forms of electronic communications, which are to be automatically monitored by computer servers when the devices detect the use of these words.

Here is a sample of the type of words that will trigger an automatic electronic surveillance of social media publications and phone calls:

Assassination, attack, domestic security, drill, exercise, cops, law enforcement, disaster assistance, emergency management, emergency response, first responder, homeland security, maritime domain awareness, national preparedness, initiative, militia, gangs, national security, security, breach, threat standoff, SWAT, screening, hazmat, chemical spill, biological, epidemic, industrial spill, infection, power, gas, spillover, anthrax, ricin, sarin, North Korea, influenza, public health, toxic, antiviral, resistant, infection, sick...etc.

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