Monday, April 15, 2013

Bombs mar photo finish at venerable marathon

Bulletin: Two persons are dead, and police officials peg the number of those injured by a pair of bombs at far. Authorities reportedly found two more bombs near the scene and are dismantling them. A competitor told newsmen that he saw people with limbs completely ripped off their torsos and many bloodied by flying shrapnel...

Boston – Authorities can't say exactly how many runners and spectators are injured after two bomb blasts rocked the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

Witnesses said the first explosion seemed to come from the base of a photo bridge near the finish line. Seconds later, as people rushed forward to help, another blast rocked the scene.

Medical workers rushed to the aid of many injured persons as newsmen and women snapped pictures of the carnage on blood-spattered sidewalks and police officers cleared the grandstands.

Within minutes, the area was virtually deserted, the victorious achievements of many who bested the grueling 26-mile endurance test up and down hills and through this city's streets, suddenly rendered meaningless in a moment of horror as terror showed its face in an attack that rocked the nation.

- The Legendary
Boston Marathon Finish Line

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