Thursday, April 18, 2013

Master Sgt filing lawsuit over arrest by Temple P.D.

Temple – Master Sergeant C.J. Grisham got mad when the Temple cops took his .45 automatic and AR-15 away from him during a Saturday morning Boy Scout hike with his son.

Now, the Iraq war veteran, who is stationed at Ft. Hood, is planning to get even. He's filing suit against the police and his lawyer is working to get a judge to drop the charges of interfering with an officer dropped.

He sent a message to his supporters, who are so voluminous he hasn't had time to write them back:

As you can imagine, things have been quite chaotic as we try to get these charges dropped and my guns returned to me. We are not letting this end with dropped charges. I began the process of filing a civil lawsuit this afternoon to hold accountable those responsible for these violations of our rights. I am not the first person in the area to have this happen to them, but I guarantee you by the time this is over I will be the last!

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