Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Videos of AB investigation reveal police informers

Detective Sherry Kingrey and Brian Johnson discuss AB car theft scheme
Are you capable of telling the truth?
Waco- A video recording of Waco police detective Sherry Kingrey questioning Brian Johnson about the theft of a 90's model Ford Mustang in exchange for 20 grams of methamphetamine valued at $2,000 reveals some basic truths about the nature of drug dealing, prison gangs, extortion, and crime.

District Attorney Abel Reyna dismissed indictments against seven people, including accused members of the Aryan Brotherhood when Detective Kingrey refused to name confidential informants that helped her develop the leads in the case. (click here to read an earlier report)

In the audio recording that follows, one hears Det. Kingrey exclaim, asking if Mr. Johnson is capable of telling the truth. She asks if he has not learned that when she asks a question, she already knows the answer. That confrontation comes at 1:58 on the recording. In another exclamation, she remarks that there are "three AB's screwing each other" in the crooked deal.

The material presented was obtained in a Texas Open Records Act request that was approved by the Open Records Division of the Attorney General's Office. 

https://soundcloud.com/the-legendary/ab-kingrey-johnson (click here to listen to an edited audio of the interview)

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