Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sheriff McNamara disarms pistolero, frees hostage

Sheriff Parnell McNamara chatting with DA Abel Reyna
Bosqueville – Christopher Donaldson had the idea he would kill himself in front of his kids. He decided to do it at the elementary school in this community.

Christopher Donaldson
Sheriff Parnell McNamara, Chief Deputy Matt Cawthon, and Deputy R. Kirkland changed his mind about all that.

When school authorities contacted the Sheriff's Department with the alarming news that a man had threatened to pick up his kids, armed with a BB gun, Sheriff McNamara ordered a lock-down of the building.

A deputy found Mr. Donaldson's vehicle abandoned at the corner of Lone Star Rd. and China Spring Highway after a witness told them he had given him a ride to a Bush's Fried Chicken restaurant nearby.

When the lawmen arrived, they found him there with a pistol. He had taken a woman hostage and was holding the gun to her head, using her body as a shield.

He struggled to keep his pistol and to retain control of his hostage.

Sheriff McNamara disarmed him.

Mr. Donaldson is in custody, held on a previous warrant and charged with aggravated kidnapping and aggravated assault.  

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