Monday, June 7, 2010

Flores launches, billboards

Extensive outdoor and internet ads use Edwards' own words

The Bill Flores campaign is swinging hard to keep the 12-
point lead racked up in the early part of the general
election campaign.

The candidate released a website and a number of billboards
that use Congressman Chet Edwards' own words against him.

He attacks his opponent's judgment in his support of then-
presidential candidate, Illinois U.S. Senator Barack Hussein
Obama as an agent for positive change.

Video clips dating by and large from the Obama primary
campaign against then Senator Hilary Rodham Clinton depict
the veteran Democratic Representative praising Mr. Obama's
good judgment and his ability to lead the country and defend
its borders while at the same decrying "the kind of gotcha
politics we need to get away from" in regard to certain
remarks Senator Clinton had made about conservative members
of the Texas legislature.

There are extensive Fox News and MSNBC film clips of rock
star Ted Nugent protesting Senators Clinton and Obama and
their liberal views on gun control, education, border
control and health care, while espousing his own support of
the right to keep and bear arms and armed surveillance of
the nation's borders.

According to Mr. Flores, the Obama budget and the economic
stimulus plan crafted by his administration, when combined
with the Health Care Reform package he and key liberal
Congressmen sheperheded through the House and Senate has
doubled the size of the national debt and its budget and
will triple it within 10 years.

A retired conservative oil executive from the Panhandle who
recently retired from his position as the CEO of an offshore
petroleum exploration and operations company, Mr. Flores has
retained pollsters out of Washington, D.C., who have
determined that the overall mood of voters in Congressional
District 17 is one of disgust with incumbent office holders
on both sides of the aisle and in the White House.

According to Wes Anderson of OnMessage, Inc., "The bottom line
is this election is being driven by the voters who desire to
send a message that they are fed up with the direction President
Obama and Speaker Pelosi are taking the country. The most
immediate method voters have to voice their frustration is to
vote for Bill Flores and a majority of them intend to do just

His poll included dismal figures on the Democratic leadership
in both houses of Congress and the White House, including very
negative opinions by close to two-thirds of voters regarding
budget earmarks arranged by Mr. Edwards and other Congressmen.

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