Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Morrison Report Taps Birdwell Over Sibley In SD 22

He points out gifts to liberal Demos, Rapoport endorsement

State Senate candidate Brian Birdwell picked up the key
election day endorsement of conservative blogger Peter
Morrison of Lumberton.

Mr. Morrison pointed out recent local news reports that a
well-known liberal, megabucks insurance magnate and real
estate operator Bernard Rapoport, has been making personal
phone calls to area voters, asking them to vote for former
Senator David Sibley.

He also mentioned Texas Ethics Commission records that
indicate Mr. Sibley, a former lobbyist for 11 power
companies, the Brazos River Authority, trial lawyers
associations and State Farm Insurance, has made numerous
contributions to liberal Democratic legislators such as
Waco's Representative Jim Dunham while working against the
re-election prospects of conservative Representative Doc
Anderson of Waco.

Author of "The Morrison Report," he is known in Texas
political circles for focussing on conservative hot button
issues such as right to life, prayer, health care and
lowering taxes.

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